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To Update Your ECommerce Site or Not to Update – Is It Really a Question?

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To Update Your ECommerce Site or Not to Update – Is It Really a Question?

Why Does it Matter if You Update Your ECommerce Site?

If the core of your eCommerce company is your online store, then the key to success of your brand is to update your eCommerce site or online store on a regular basis. The reasons to update your eCommerce site are numerous and varied. Understanding these reasons is a great motivator for any eCommerce entrepreneur to invest the requisite time into site updates.

Fresh content and regular updates indicate that your online store is active. When a new visitor lands on your site through an organic search, the first question is whether the business is operational and the products available. New content provides assurance to these shoppers, encouraging visitors to browse, shop, and purchase.

Additionally, fresh content builds confidence in your brand at the onset of a customer’s experience. Many shoppers say they connect up-to-date content and accurate information to the quality of a product. For many shoppers, it is also an indication of quality customer service.  Inferences made by potential customers mean updated content can give your eCommerce company an advantage over competitors. An updated site, likewise, creates fewer problems for the end-user when it comes to checkout, shipping, and delivery. You will spend less time apologizing for inventory oversights and inaccurate information when you invest the time upfront to keep everything current.

End-user experiences aren’t the only reasons to update your eCommerce site, it is also essential for SEO purposes. When you make regular updates to your site, it improves SEO and content marketing. Search engines are constantly looking for confirmation that a site is active, and will, therefore, prioritize those that have fresh content. The importance of landing towards the top of Google’s results can’t be stressed enough, and new content can take your webstore to the top of the list.

Are There Rules to Updates?

If you want to know if there are finite rules to updating your online store, the answer is yes and no.

Not all updates to your eCommerce site have to happen on a daily or even weekly basis. As a general rule, the best time to update your eCommerce site is when you have high quality, interesting content to add. In some industries, this, ideally, might be on a daily basis, while for other brands developments and news occur less frequently. When you develop updates to your site around good content, it will result in a better overall site, which in turn naturally attracts online shoppers.

If you leave huge gaps between updates to your online store, though, the site will lose traction and relevance. Every eCommerce company must engage in regular updates, and most companies should be making some changes on a daily basis. The demands of SEO creates a predicament for eCommerce companies in industries that change slowly or who are selling a product without variation or inventory updates.

Two Examples of Very Different Companies

Let’s say you sell women’s jewelry. It is likely that you have a number of different pieces for sale and a regular rotation of products and pieces. Whether you make seasonal changes to your designs or only stock a small number of each piece, these aspects of your business demand regular changes to product descriptions and your home page. Additionally, there is a healthy amount of news, fashion articles, and trends within the industry to cover in blog topics and articles.

In contrast, if you sell a line of specialized engine parts it might seem there are fewer opportunities to update your eCommerce site. At first glance, there aren’t many seasonal changes or inventory updates. The number of products is lean and sales are less frequent because there isn’t a need to make room for new items. This first glance is misleading.

There are ample opportunities to blog about car repairs and road safety. You can tap into industry-specific information with content on the importance of your design and metal composition. Product descriptions can always be improved and it’s possible to highlight separate features of your engine parts on the home page or landing page.

Plus, trends in content are always changing. At the moment there is a big push for video content across all digital marketing channels, including directly embedded in online stores. Many eCommerce companies have started to add video content to their product pages in lieu of or complementary to still images. This is just one change that every eCommerce business can make, regardless of industry or product.

Checklist for Regular Website Maintenance

Without knowing the ins and outs of a specific business, it is nearly impossible to predict the exact frequency with which to update your eCommerce site, but all eCommerce entrepreneurs should keep the following checklist in mind when deciding when to make changes:

Product changes: Maybe you are using a new supplier for a certain material or have changed the design of a particular item.  Changes need to be reflected in the product description and product photo on your website.

Inventory and Stock Changes: Most eCommerce platforms let you track inventory very closely and many now integrate with your other selling channels, such as Amazona and Jet.Com. When you are running low or sold out of a product, the tracking information must be updated for the end user to see before they try to buy.

Sales and specials: Implementing the start and end of a sale or special discount could seem like an unforgettable item to update in your online store, but amongst the need to add sale information to your homepage and update the specific product page, you also need to ensure everything runs smoothly at checkout and discounts are appropriate applied. Just as important is taking down sale information from your site at its conclusion.

Shipping changes: If there are delays in fulfillment or changes to shipping options, these necessitate an immediate update to your online store. Shoppers are relying upon your shipping information for a variety of reasons, and mistakes are costly to your reputation. As well, the ability to offer better shipping options can be the decisive factor for a buyer

Security check: Online stores are frequently vulnerable to viruses and scams, but there are many tools to make online shopping safer. Security checks are one of the most regular updates you should make to an online store.

Turning Over Updates to a Professional

In an industry where the health of your website influences the overall success of your business, many eCommerce companies wisely entrust their web design and development to digital agencies. The professionals in eCommerce platforms and digital marketing are even better equipped to handle the daily and weekly updates required on eCommerce site.  If you are going to turn your webstore updates over to a professional, find an agency you can trust.

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