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Transition from Magento to Shopify Plus for an Unforgettable Deal

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Transition from Magento to Shopify Plus for an Unforgettable Deal

Until June 30th, Shopify is unleashing the deal that could shape your business into the money-making-machine you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re a Magento customer that’s unhappy with the platform, be prepared to skyrocket to the heavens of website design with the power of Shopify Plus, and for quite the deal! With full migration support, drastically reduced custom development costs, and the heightened ability to tap into international markets now is the ultimate time to upgrade. Don’t let this slip through your fingers; open the floodgates and surf river of conversions on your Shopify Plus surfboard today!



Sorry if that headline startled you; we promise to clean up the coffee you spit all over your laptop. It’s true, though. If you switch to Shopify Plus from the Magento platform, you’re starting six, beautiful free months right in the eyes. Think of what you could do with all of that leftover money! You could buy a company car with your face on it, pay someone to release fifteen doves every time you enter a room for the next six months or buy that business elephant you’ve been waiting for! I’m just a copywriter; you’ll probably find more practical uses for your money than my own business fantasies. The point is, you’ll save quite a lot, and you’ll gain quite a lot while you save.


What Shopify Plus Does Better:


Customization is Key: It’s a critical component of a truly unique website. Magento is an open-source platform that provides almost limitless freedom to its users, and that may seem like a wonderful aspect of the platform. There is one massive issue, however, in that you need a high level of expertise and in-depth understanding of the platform in order to dictate even the simplest content on Magento. Without these intricate and hard-earned skills, you’re essentially a painter without his or her paintbrush. This not only creates a wider bridge to gap for each implementation but a pricey development, as you’ll need to hire developers who can truly navigate the platform.

When you’re focused on speed, and the important factors of business that truly connect with your customers, you don’t want to waste your focus on development projects for simple changes in content. With Shopify Plus, you can create an enterprise online store with the use of Liquid (Shopify’s templating language), HTML, and CSS. Also, the extensive selection of Shopify themes basically negates any need for the manual page development that Magento requires. With the ability to customize through private applications, build your own shopping cart through Shopify’s servers, and the advanced flexibility and intuitive performance that you deserve, making this switch will be the most time and cost-effective decision of your life.

SEO is Important: Essentially, your SEO capabilities on Magento are directly related to your level of skill. With Shopify Plus, you have Traffic Control. This is an included application in which you can manage redirects; with this app, you can monitor your traffic with ease. It’s SEO made easier for the beginner, and if you don’t have the money to drop on Magento expertise, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this application.

Scalability Creates Success: An ideal platform provides an affordable cost at any scale; with Magento, this is not the case. If you have the money to purchase the critical hosting and management services, you’re in luck. For those that do not, paying a competent provider to host and keep the site functioning can take its toll. Any minor change in production can drastically alter the scalability of the entire architecture.

With Shopify Plus, a single flash sale won’t set you back with a disastrous bump in hosting, networking, infrastructure, etc. The customization that Magento offers also creates the need for constant management and scalability isn’t an exception. Shopify Plus provides a fully hosted SaaS solution that can handle whatever volume you require. What does this mean? It means you can focus on business for Black Friday instead of your IT.

Mobilize with Responsive Design: Make sure that your site is responsive; optimize your conversions through mobile access. Any Shopify theme is going to be designed to adhere to mobile right from the start, and with over 100 free and premium themes, you can dominate the market on any screen. Also, with the Mobile App SDK, you’ll be able to easily integrate custom apps, as well as Shopify’s checkout, to your mobile site. Responsive design on Magento can be difficult due to the intensive page development, and that’s a step that Shopify clearly provides with ease.

Implementation at Top Speeds: It can take up to eight months to deploy your Magento 2 website. That’s without mentioning the involved level of resources required to do so. Any changes to the core architecture are going to lie with you, and that’s a weight on your shoulders that may be too much to handle. Load testing is an absolute necessity, so even if you write your code properly, and it functions well, it may crush under the pressure of peak traffic.

Shopify Plus removes the necessity for hosting, security, and architecture, creating a speedy deployment that people love. Your project could take as little as two months, giving you the time to focus on the customer side of your business. Without a steep learning curve, you’re looking at an intuitive experience that doesn’t require unnecessary money spent on Magento professionals.

Multi-Channel Use is a Necessity: Reaching out to customers preemptively is an absolute must, and with Shopify Plus, you can work with any blog, third-party marketplace, or application. With the ability to sell, manage, and list your products on up to 20 channels, you’ll feel invincible. Social media selling is no problem, and you’ll find success throughout Facebook, Pinterest, and many more great channels for your products.

SDK permits you to add your products to any marketplace, including mobile apps and any websites; this is a clear advantage for your business. Not only this, but the Shopify Buy Button uses only a small line of code to add eCommerce to virtually any website you choose. The number of social channels and marketplaces that are out there are constantly expanding, and so are the types. Magento may lack this kind of integration, but Shopify Plus excels in it. If you think that multi-channel marketing is a must for your eCommerce business, then making the switch would be a fantastic choice.

Secure Your Website: Nobody wants to leave their website and their customer’s information vulnerable to hackers and the like. PCI compliance ensures the security that you and any eCommerce storefront needs to protect your online payments. Although Magento may provide the ability to utilize PCI Compliant storefronts, you are ultimately responsible for your security. With an open source platform (like Magento), you’ll also be constantly battling Malware, spending valuable time and money to keep your site safe and risking the possibility of a security breach.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, provides a hosted and protected website. That means that your network will be maintained and secure, your cardholder data protected, and plenty more features that ensure maximum safety. With Shopify Plus, you minimize risk for a better price.

Update With Ease: Once Magento is customized to your liking, it can be a painful hassle to update and comply with new releases. Upgrades can take forever, and you’ll be constantly checking to see how each update affects the existing code architecture. Does QA load testing for every single release sound expensive? It certainly can be! With Shopify Plus, you’ll be able to launch new features immediately the moment that they become available.

Shopify Supports You: Magento users are essentially left alone after licensing, and although they offer technical support, it’s minimal. Third-party agencies are a necessity for Magento, which is not the case for Shopify. Shopify Plus offers access to the biggest support network in eCommerce. That means you can utilize solution engineers, front-end designers, launch engineers, and plenty more. Transitioning from platform to platform can be an uphill battle, but Shopify Plus makes it a pleasant stroll on a beach.

1Digital Agency for a Painless Migration

Migration can be, to put it in layman terms, absolute chaos. If you aren’t able to fully commit to a smooth transition and monitor the process step by step, you could be in for a rude awakening. 1Digital Agency has a vibrant history with both Magento and Shopify, and we’re fully capable of bringing out the best in each platform. When you want to hop from one to another, we’re the people to come to. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process and make sure that any third party apps that can be transferred will be. Maybe it’s time to make the switch to Shopify Plus, and if that’s the case, give us a call today. You’ll be enjoying those six free months of a fantastic platform in no time!

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