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The Advantages of a Custom eCommerce Website Design

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When you need superior functionality and truly eye-catching layouts for your online store, it’s time to start thinking about implementing a custom design. Basic templates and plugins are great for small stores that are just getting started, but at a certain point, these simplistic solutions fail to get the kind of results you need.

A custom eCommerce website has many clear advantages, such as:

  • An artistic style that fully reflects your brand.
  • Advanced functionality that can help improve the user experience.
  • More attractive product pages that can convey authority and boost conversions.
  • Optimized coding that mitigates load times.
  • Different checkout options that may not be available otherwise.
  • Integration with various 3rd party apps.
  • A more professional, streamlined shopping experience overall.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with out-of-the-box templates and themes, the limited functionality and amateurish appearance that they tend to create may send the wrong signals to your users. If you really want to grow as a business, attract more customers, and meet all of their expectations, there’s a good chance that a cookie-cutter solution just won’t cut it in the long run.

Benefits of Custom Design
Enhancing the user experience is the primary goal of a custom eCommerce design project. Think about what your users want out of their shopping experience and you will have a better idea about what you need to implement and why.

This guide will outline a few of the key reasons why you may want to seriously think about hiring an eCommerce development agency to take a good look at your website and work with you to implement various enhancements that can potentially improve your traffic and conversions, as well as better communicate your brand message through

Custom eCommerce Websites Enhance User Experience

User experience is one of the defining metrics of any decent website, for several reasons. If your users are having trouble finding what they need on your website, or if they are encountering bugs or slow load times, they are unlikely to stick around for very long.

In eCommerce, this is especially true. There are hundreds of options out there, and your users understand this. If anything on your website appears off, you probably won’t get a second chance to make a good impression. Online shoppers are becoming more aware every day of what says “quality” versus “scam,” and because the standards are continuously rising, you have to make sure you are doing everything in your power to create an engaging and professional shopping experience.

Regardless of which eCommerce platform you start off on, you are likely to need at least some custom development and design. Whether it’s to craft a beautiful custom mega menu or a new checkout feature, there are certain aspects of the online shopping experience that simply aren’t covered in basic templates and plugins. There’s also the fact that when you are initially building your website, you may not even realize all of the features you will need down the road, and will wind up making what seems like the optimal choice at the time.

Custom web design services for eCommerce completely open the door in terms of being able to meet the needs of your users. Rather than settling for an underwhelming feature or a theme that doesn’t look quite right for your brand, you can tailor your online store to look and function exactly how you need it to.

The experience you create for your users is a part of your brand as a whole. The visuals you provide, the way the shopping cart functions, the level of customer service and how professional the website looks all play a part in forming your brand online. Enhancing the way your eCommerce website behaves isn’t simply about the features and designs themselves, but in how your users perceive your business. A user will be much more likely to share your content on social media and hype your store up if it provides a great experience. What’s more, a fast and efficient website that meets the needs of its users will ultimately rank higher in Google, because it will have a lower bounce rate and better social proof than the competition.

Custom Designs Amplify the Best Qualities of eCommerce Platforms

Each of the major eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, all stand out in their own way, possessing their own positives and reasons why you might want to use them. However, no one platform naturally possesses every useful eCommerce feature.

In fact, you should think of your eCommerce platform and theme as a starting point for your store, and go from there. Select your platform based on the best combination of features that works for you, and the same goes for your theme or store template. Without utilizing any custom design or development, it’s unrealistic to think that your store will come equipped with every feature you need.

However, once you do invest in a custom eCommerce design project, you will see how making such adjustments will bring out the best qualities in the platform you have chosen. You could say that you can’t fully experience everything that an eCommerce platform has to offer unless you implement additional tweaks or features that “fill the gaps” and create a fully professional experience for your users.

For example, perhaps you are already making use of BigCommerce’s amazing one-click express checkout, yet you aren’t quite getting the conversions that you would expect out of having such a streamlined feature on your website. After analyzing the situation as best as possible, you come to the conclusion that it’s your navigation and breadcrumb system that is holding you back. Your navigation is outdated and clunky, and in general it’s difficult for your users to find the specific products they are looking for because they find the process unintuitive and tedious.

The solution would be to implement a beautiful custom mega menu, for starters. These advanced forms of navigation create ample visual appeal while providing superior functionality, and are especially effective for eCommerce websites that tend to have a high number of pages or complex navigational hierarchies. A well-designed mega menu can simplify the navigation process, making it far easier for your users to find what they need without having to dig around all over your website.

By implementing a custom mega menu and related functionality onto your online store, you will inadvertently amplify the benefits of having one-click express checkout present on your website. Now that users will be able to find your products with ease, and that your website will simply be more user friendly, the end result will be a higher conversion rate and better user reciprocity.

A custom eCommerce website can actually highlight the best features of your platform and make use of them better than an out-of-the-box theme ever could. After making the necessary customizations and enhancements, your website will provide a better user experience that can actually take full advantage of the platform, without getting bogged down with inefficient features or an outdated, dull design.

How to Get a Custom Website For Your Business

If you are serious about delivering a superior experience for your users, a custom website design is certainly something you will want to consider. Every online store faces various challenges as they grow, and to overcome them you need powerful eCommerce solutions that professionally enhance your website. Whether you are trying to integrate a new form of online payment into your checkout process, or if you want your homepage completely redesigned with on-point branding, you need an agency with an extensive background in eCommerce design and development to make it happen.

Our team here at 1Digital routinely builds custom eCommerce websites for store owners looking to take their businesses to the next level. From custom theme enhancements to mega menus, and even custom apps for eCommerce, we know exactly what it takes to provide a more engaging experience for your users. Our design and development processes cover all aspects of website design and eCommerce functionality to ensure your store not only looks incredible but is meeting the needs of your customers at every stage of the sale.

For more information on how our team can help you, simply give us a call at 888.982.8269 or take a look at some of our case studies to see for yourself the kind of work we do. We are an eCommerce company that tackles every aspect of the industry, from platform migrations to website development and even eCommerce digital marketing. If you want to build a truly professional experience for your customers, contact us and we’ll help you make it happen.