What’s New For Magento? Updates For The Year Ahead

Enhance The Customer and Merchant Experience With Magento Updates

Magento is at the forefront of the eCommerce industry as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for merchants to use for their storefront. It has over 250,000 merchants across the globe selling their products using the Magento platform. As a Magento store owner, you can make the most out of your business using the Magento platform. Magento clients include top companies like Burger King, Charlotte Tilbury, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Coca-Cola, Ghirardelli, and Christian Louboutin. Magento is dedicated to staying ahead of customer trends and needs with continuous enhancements and Magento updates to the software and platform. They are committed to ensuring best in class innovation and boosting your sales while shrinking your costs. 

As certified experts in Magento, we can attest to the fluidity and comprehensiveness of their updates. Magento is dedicated to enhancing both the client and customer experience through their platform, and there are some recent Magento updates to take advantage of in the upcoming year.

Magento Updates Software With Magento 2

Magento delivers on their dedication to the constant enhancement and streamlined experience for the Magento store owner with Magento 2! They know that every detail matters when it comes to an eCommerce store; it’s essential that the storefront is the best possible experience for the customer to give the business the best possible revenue. In Magento 2, these details are updated and enhanced to target and remove any friction in the Magento merchant and customer experience.

What's New For Magento? Updates For The Year Ahead

The first update in Magento 2 is aimed at better payment functionality across all fronts. The first update gives customers the option to save their PayPal information at checkout to bypass it in the future in the hopes of higher rates of conversion for visitors to customers. Another update geared towards boosting sales is allowing guest checkouts to still save their payment information within the site/browser. That way, they don’t have to have a registered account with your eCommerce business if they don’t want to, but they can experience a more streamlined checkout by using their previous payment information. Magento 2 also utilizes Braintree software to reduce chargebacks and support calls as well as protecting your business from high-risk customers. Magento 2 has a new process using Braintree to confirm a risk decision before shipping to a potentially high-risk customer.

Magento 2 also has improvements to performance and features. First of all, Magento admin is going to be much faster when managing products with hundreds of variations. SQL media queries have gone through an optimization process for Magento 2 to make your storefront performance even more quickly than before.

Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

Magento acquired RJMetrics last year, and since then they have been discussing analytics with some their merchants. They wanted to find out what merchants needed for analytics, and Magento delivered with their Business Intelligence Essentials.

What's New For Magento? Updates For The Year Ahead

Magento Business Intelligence offers you advanced analytics to better your Magento storefront. With Magento BI, you can make more informed decisions about your eCommerce business because you’ll be equipped with data to drive your choices. Magento BI Essentials allows you to acquire day-to-day data and metrics about your business such as top customers, revenue level, and AOV. You can separate your data into specifics like top performing categories or customer segments, and gain data on customer loyalty and repeat revenue. You can use the data to compile reports to send to the rest of your team or to send to the stakeholders in your business. The features included in Magento Business Intelligence Essentials are five pre-built dashboards that compile 75 different reports, summaries for your email, the ability to export raw data into Excel, gathered data from both Magento and Google analytics, and more!

If you want even more access to data, you can also get Magento Business Intelligence Pro. With BI Pro, you can customize your baseline offering, as well as customize your infrastructure for data acquisition to gain more data visibility. And you can gain even more data by being able to add unlimited data sources beyond Magento and Google Analytics.

Bluefoot CMS And Page Builder Module For Magento

What's New For Magento? Updates For The Year Ahead

Recently, Magento has acquired the technology behind Bluefoot CMS and Page Builder to enhance the Magento experience. Magento’s belief and goal with this integration was that it would improve the merchant’s experience and empower them to have more creativity and control over a variety tools to manage their site layout.

There are four main updates to increase merchant control over the content and site design of their Magento storefront. First, increased drag and drop functionality. This makes it much easier to add things like headers, images, products, and more as content by using drag and drop. Second, easier product-content integration. With this, you can just drag and drop products into pre-existing or standard content elements (like blogs or promotional pages). Third, simple third-party content integration. This makes it much easier for the merchant to integrate third-party content like YouTube videos, Google Maps, Vimeo video, and more to the various pages of their store. And last but not least, static block integration. This allows the merchant to seamlessly integrate static blocks into content areas for easier design capabilities.

Magento Partner 1 Digital Agency

1 Digital Agency as a team of certified experts in Magento, all dedicated to providing you with a full service Magento experience. As a Magento partner, our team knows everything there is to know about Magento, including staying on top of all of their recent Magento updates. We have an extensive list of clients who we have helped with everything from the beginning stages of design and development for their Magento eCommerce storefront, to digital marketing to increase their customer base.

Our full Magento services include design and development (with experts in code and customization for the best Magento design), data migration, and digital marketing. Whatever you need accomplished for your Magento eCommerce store to reach its fullest potential and to meet all your business goals, we can help. Call us at 888-982-8269 or contact us to keep your Magento store updated and at its best.  

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