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You don’t spend 5 years writing SEO copy without learning a thing or two about how to get eyes on what you write. Honestly, you couldn’t not learn a hack or two if you tried. 

I have tried, and here are my top 4 easy, actionable tips that anyone can put into practice, right now. You don’t have to be a seasoned writer to succeed if you follow these tips. They’re practically foolproof. 

(Or, you could just take the easiest hack of all and hire us for SEO content writing services…)

…but if not, here are my best tips. Hacks, if you will. 

Hack the People Also Ask 

Got a keyword you want your website to rank for? It could be long-tail or short tail, doesn’t matter. 

For this purpose, we’ll use the keyword “SEO Services.”

Drop that in the Google search bar and hit enter. Scroll down the SERP a bit till you see this: 

This is called the People Also Ask section of the Google Search Results. In it, you will find searches relevant to yours that either contain the keyword you entered, or a relevant one. 

Think of it as sort of, like, Google’s Frequently Asked Questions. 

Take ten or so of these questions and write a blog or post or article or release, in which you answer all of them. 

There is one thing I must say here. You can’t fluff it out. You need to actually answer the question. So if you can’t come up with something good for the question, pass and pick another one. 

You can “answer” all the People Also Ask questions all you like, but if your answers are hot air, Google will probably never index the page in the first place. 

Hack the Google Autofill 

Let’s try a separate content writing experiment, in which we will use the same keyword, SEO Services. 

Put that in the search bar but don’t hit enter. 

See this?

SEO Content Writing Services

It’s called Google Autofill, and it uses a form of rudimentary AI to fill out whatever it anticipates your search will be based on the characters you enter. The more fully you enter a query, the more specific the autofill feature will be.

In this case, you can see the autofill is suggesting SEO service prices, providers, and meaning. 

This is a gold mine and it’s just waiting for you to tap it. You could write a whole blog, or just page copy, dedicated to detailing the prices associated with SEO packages your business offers, location pages, what the services entail, and so on and so forth.

But the more creative you are with it, the better will be the fruits of your labor.

For instance, you can see through the autofill feature that there are enough searches for “SEO Services Meaning” that Google considers it significant. 

That means there are people out there that don’t know what SEO services are.

Rather than defining services, you could put together a post on the benefits of SEO services, how they complement other marketing efforts, why SEO is a better long-term investment than eCommerce PPC management – you get the picture. 

Hack the Headers

I must admit, it almost feels cheap that I’m offering this as a content writing hack, but for better or worse, it is one of the easiest ways to get whatever you’re drafting to show up in the search engine results pages. 

What I mean by “hack the headlines” is to stick your keyword in your page titles and headers. But you need to go a bit further. 

See, everyone does this. It’s 2024 and you need to differentiate your copy. You can’t just stick a bare keyword in there and expect the page or post to blow up the search results. 

You need to answer something, specific, or mimic a question that is commonly asked. Google will see this and reward in kind. 

Let’s take a specific example from something I’ve done in the past. 

That is a header from a blog post I wrote recently (which is ranking position 4 on page 1 for “What are SEO impressions?” by the way) and you can see the hack right there. 

Not only is the keyword “SEO impression” in the header, but there is a question directly from the People Also Ask section embedded in it. 

Therefore, Google knows that the answer to that very question is in the text right beneath it. 

This is the oldest and grayest SEO content writing hack in the book, but it still produces, provided you follow my earlier maxim of the “zero fluff tolerance.” 

That post is lean and answers the question of what an impression is, and in it I take great pains not only to define what an impression is, but why it is important to know what it is, as well as how to increase them – and in it, I also include actionable advice. 

My gift to you. 

Skyscrape Page One 

One last hack I have for you before I cut you loose to tame the search engine results pages for yourself, is this. 

Pick another keyword. This time we won’t use “SEO Services” because the first page is just going to be littered with listings for businesses that sell them. 

We need something more substantial. Something more readable. Because you will be writing, right? 

So let’s go with…”Why invest in SEO services?” and see what comes up. 

Below you have most of the first positions on page one (albeit of my search results, and skipping, of course, the ads, as well as one listing, in the interest of making it easy to display):

SEO Content Writing Services

As you can see, there are three posts here attempting to answer the question with (at least) 11 pointers. Skyscrape the heck out of it.

But what do I mean? Well, open both those posts and find out what those 11 benefits are. 

Now draft your own post, including all 11 reasons (some may be duplicates so scratch them) and then add in some more of your own that the writers of those pages may have missed. 

Then, if you really want to make a comprehensive post, scroll further down the page and compile additional benefits from other listings on page one till you have a “master” list of all the reasons why a business “should invest in SEO services.”

No need to thank me.

The Easy Way Out: Hire Us for SEO Content Writing Services 

While I can’t guarantee that any given piece of content, or page, for that matter, will rank effectively in the organic search results, these 4 hacks are proven to deliver, by years of experience and data. You can even see one instance of that reflected in that very post. 

The “secret” I have not yet openly divulged, however, is actually not a secret at all. This is a lot of work, and I enjoy it, so it isn’t a chore for me. For others, I can understand how this research, drafting, and editing could be seen as a somewhat civilized form of torment. 

Either way, that’s why my final hack is this: hire a professional agency for SEO content writing services, if you can’t do it yourself. We can.


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