How to optimize Digital Marketing strategies towards Generation Z
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How to optimize Digital Marketing Strategies to Generation Z consumers

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How to optimize Digital Marketing Strategies to Generation Z consumers

                 Update your Digital Marketing towards the consumers of the future

Marketing strategies towards different generations change every day. Are your Digital Marketing Strategies always up to date? Those born after 1995, our so called generation Z, are very different from their older brothers and sisters – their millennial role models, as we like to call them. ‘The Independent’ refers to this generation as the ‘linksters’, the first generation to be linked into technology from day one. This group, grew up with technology, and will account for an astounding 40% of all consumers by 2020. According to a study, Generation Z holds $44 billion in buying power. This new digital world can serve as a goldmine for eCommerce businesses. But how do you communicate appropriately to that demographic? For those who are still in the dark about what generation Z consumers like, this article will help boost your Digital Marketing activities to capture the consumers of our future.

There is a clear opportunity in marketing to this generation, but what exactly are their characteristics?  And how do they shop?


                                                     Generation Z

The rise of advanced technology, social media, and mobile apps is unlike anything else. The way information is being absorbed by this group, makes them unique. Staying up to date on any current topic, is made so easy, you do not even have to leave your bed. They simply flip through different apps, get the info on topics they like, and share them instantly with their friends. With access to the internet almost everywhere at any time, there is a rapid rate of information shared throughout the whole digital world. They constantly stay on top of things that shape their lives and beliefs. This new method of communication, and consumer behavior opens up new doors of digital marketing opportunities for your business. But how do you utilize them?


                         What this means for your eCommerce business

So, what does all the information above actually mean for you now? We now understand the inner working of these powerful consumers. It is important to know, that this group will be entering the workforce, and making valuable purchase decisions that will affect your business.

Within the next five years, Generation Z is going to be the fastest growing generation in the marketspace. If you want your business to grow, and compete in your industry, stay tuned on changing consumer behavior to get to the most financial success.

One more fact you should know as a business owner is that 96% of Gen Z own a smartphone, and, 53% make online purchases through their phones. Which makes optimizing mobile apps crucial.

With the increase in mobile apps, the increase in online shopping has already begun. With the internet being at their fingertips, they’re more likely to engage with what you are trying to sell online. This generation is twice as likely to convert as any other. This article on, talks about how retailers like Macy’s, or JC Penney have shut down some of their stores, as customers tend to rather buy online.


                                    Connect through Digital Marketing

Now that we have covered what shapes their behavior, and in how far it concerns your business, we will look at effective ways to connect this consumer group with your business. If you still wonder how, just remember their behavior. None of them likes to read too much. It is all about videos today. If you can write just about enough content to catch their attention, and add a video to it, it will work wonders. 2017 is the year of video marketing. (hubspot) This will not only generate more traffic back to your site, but also connect you with the youngest generation of consumers. Generation Z is really quick to adapt to social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. If you want to attract these consumers, and get them to trust in your brand, you should know how to master the art of different social media platforms.


                                               Why Social Media?

Different than any other generation, Gen Z uses social media as a day to day activity. Once you figure out, how to bring more traffic onto your platforms, gaining brand awareness will be a piece of cake. Attractive content will be shared throughout their whole community.

Share your content

Online retailers, like Kylie Cosmetics, do not use or pay for any excessive advertisements. Her content, simply shared through Snapchat, reaches her whole audience. According to*, the eCommerce site made an amount of $420 million in online retail sales in only 18 months. Even energy drink brand Red Bull, has been using social media efficiently in order to interact with its consumers. Appealing to the masses with sponsored Snapchat filters that celebrated the first official day of summer, prompting users to share photos of how they’re celebrating their summer. A perfect way to build a customer relationship with this generation.

Don’t cause unnecessary speed issues on your website.

Generation Z loves watching, commenting and sharing videos. All day, all night. According to Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine. To attract more eyes to your content, uploading your videos to Youtube has some advantages. Youtube is essentially a free, online video storage system. Just upload videos, you do not want to keep in your storage for free. If your videos on your website are too long, it’s better to upload them via Youtube. Also, keep in mind the attention span of this young generation is shorter than ever. Any video you upload, will be an Ad for you.

Reconnect with your customers

These consumers tend to respond to content that feels honest and real. Make your posts about your products, and tell your story. Let your audience enjoy what you sell. Get back to basics. Keep your video ads simple, your social media posts authentic, and natural. Come across as a digital native. A good way to reconnect with your audience is the use of Google Adwords Retargeting and Dynamic Retargeting. This method yield some of the best ROI results. This way, instead of following customers around with products or services, you can hit someone with products they liked, on the next Facebook feed they check.


                          Reach the top of your industry ladder with Digital Marketing

As with the rise of eCommerce, the competition rises just as much. Understanding the behavior of our youngest digital generation is crucial. Not only improving your online presence, but also connecting with your audience on an emotional level is a big piece of the eCommerce puzzle. Here at 1Digital, we focus on your message to the world. We can help you bring your company’s brand to life. Whether you are starting a new eCommerce site, or you want to develop your site towards new trends. Contact us today.


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