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Pivot To Video: Using Video Content on Your eCommerce Site

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Pivot To Video: Using Video Content on Your eCommerce Site

sing Video Content on Your eCommerce Site

Pivot to video is a term used, often derisively, to describe the way that journalism outlets are investing less in writers and more in creators of video content. But there’s a reason that video is taking over areas once reserved for the written word. Digital audiences want information in easy, entertaining and consumable fragments. Video is proving, through clicks and engagement, to be the medium that people prefer on the web.  In their most recent forecasting, Cisco predicted that by 2019 80% of global web traffic will be video traffic.

The eCommerce industry is still very much relying on text for digital marketing in an increasingly video world. In this series I’m exploring how those who have the resources to create video content can put it to best use in their digital marketing. In this installment we’re taking a look at  using video content on your eCommerce site.


Explainer Videos

Here at 1Digital Agency we use plenty of explainer videos. These are short, one to two minute videos that tell a story about us or a product or service we provide.  For a business like ours, which isn’t as straightforward as retail or wholesale, explainer videos help people know quickly whether the kind of service we provide is what they’ve been looking for. They move qualified traffic down the sales funnel, while weeding out traffic that isn’t a good fit.

eCommerce sites can make great use of explainer videos too. A homepage video might be used to tell a story about your brand or company history, creating an emotional connection to the visitor. A video deeper in the site, on a category or product page, might be used to give the customer a better idea of what the product looks like or how it works. This is especially effective for merchants with new or unusual product lines.  


Video Reviews

More specific than an explainer video, a video review should be used to go deep on a particular product, and is almost always used on the product page. About 50% of eCommerce buyers cite ‘My products won’t look the same when they arrive,’ as their most major concern when shopping online. Video reviews can be used effectively to assuage that fear. Think of them a buyers guide brought off the page.  Here’s a good example from a BigCommerce merchant, Sierra Designs:

A video testimonial from a third party reviewer is often preferable, but you can also make these with your own team. A case study performed in 2008 by Marketing Experiments took a the same treatment page for a credit counseling company and ran an AB test. On one version of the page they added a written testimonial, and on the other version they added a video testimonial. The page with the written testimonial a 25% increase in conversion, which is pretty good. The page with the video testimonial, however, saw a 201% increase in conversion!


Optimize Video for SEO

Video content is known to search engine algorithms as rich media content, and Google loves that stuff! Adding video content to your site will increase domain authority and help you rank higher, especially if your competition isn’t using video yet. If you host these videos with Youtube, a Google owned company, your pages are likely to rank even higher. Hosting on Youtube will also make it easier for your customers to share your video content, since Youtube videos will play in almost any browser. Videos are shared far more often than text content, which helps you build your fan base, and create backlinks that make your domain authority even stronger.


When thinking about using video content on your eCommerce site it’s important to think of it as a long term play. Much the same way you might one day notice that a blog article you published 3 years ago has suddenly become one of the top ways people enter your site, video builds value over time. Like written content, some pieces will get engagement immediately, some will fail to capture attention and some will gain steam leading to clicks and conversions over time.

Video content is a great way to both hook a new visitor and build a lasting relationship with your fans. If you’d like some help seamlessly weaving video content into your site, you can always reach out to the eCommerce design experts at 1Digital Agency. Keep on eye on this feed for the next installment in this series where we’ll be exploring using video in your social media marketing.

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