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Does Your Product Packaging Match Your Brand?

Matching product packaging design with your brand identity is a necessary step – especially if you’ve worked with us to redesign your logo and rebrand your eCommerce store. It’s crucial that your customers have a unified perception of your brand + products, tying it all together to build recognition and equity. Our design team will update and refresh, extending the “brand visual vocabulary” to your packaging and creating a cohesive product line.

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Products not On-Brand? Refresh Your Packaging Designs!

A creative, original brand image across a variety of media is one of your tickets to success. Your customers need to be able to feel and relate to your brand through your packaging, and that’s where our creativity comes in handy.

When it comes to creating a vibrant and compelling message through the branding in your packaging, we’re the stars. We help craft packaging that speaks to your customers. It communicates the value and spirit of your products.

If your eCommerce site design and brand image are simple, straightforward and bold, you can expect us to craft packaging for you that speaks the same language. Yet if your brand brings vivid hues and elicits sunny humor, you’d better bet we’ll transfer that very energy right into the design of your packaging.

That’s the beauty of working with a skilled creative agency that can sense the nuances of your brand identity. We take not just colors and words into account but also the feelings that arise from the mention of your brand name or the mere impression of your image.

It also takes attention to detail to deliver the consistency necessary for a strong brand to thrive. When we design your packaging we’ll transfer every last drop from your brand right into your package design. The finished product? Packaging that harmoniously embodies your brand image.

Packaging Case Study: Bali Bean Coffee Company

Bali Bean Package Redesign

The client requested a new package design that would better capture:

  • The upscale, premium nature of the product being offered
  • The newly updated branding of the company’s website and cafes

Identify Target Audience

As a premium coffee supplier Bali Bean targets college educated men and women with disposable income allowing them to splurge for beverages of a higher caliber in an environment tailored to their adventurous lifestyle.

Our Redesign Process

Once we had a feel for whom we were designing the packaging we set out to design a package that would feel at once high end and luxurious as well as exotic and appropriate to the roots of Bali Bean Coffee Company

Full Design vs. Label

Given the higher price point and the upscale, luxurious brand image the decision was made to abandon the simple stick-on label in favor of the fully customized coffee pouch.

Packaging Design: Before & After

Packaging That Matches Your eCommerce Brand

A large part of the appeal of a successful brand is in its consistency. Our mission is to capture the spirit of your eCommerce brand and weave that seamlessly into your packaging.