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WooCommerce + WordPress

WooCommerce functions as an eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and it offers a highly effective option for designing your own eCommerce store. For small to medium-sized businesses, it’s become somewhat of a lifesaver but can also accommodate larger stores. The goal of our WooCommerce SEO service is to assist your site in moving up through the search engine rankings. Templates and tools provide you with a beautiful site on an open-source platform, but they aren’t going to be optimized for search engines and indexing. Our team has the design and development expertise to fully optimize your site for SEO.

WooCommerce SEO Agency

If you’ve got a WooCommerce store, then you have immediate SEO benefits because of its connection with WordPress. However, while there are tools and templates that can aid in the optimization of your website, there are other things that you’ll need a WooCommerce SEO agency for. 1Digital® is a digital marketing agency that has an expert WooCommerce SEO team that can help you get your web store fully optimized. Whether you need to optimize your WooCommerce store’s site structure or make sure you’re targeting the right keywords to get your site ranking, our team has the expertise and the capabilities to help get you results that matter.

WooCommerce SEO Experts by 1Digital®


We’ll research keywords and identify your target audience so that your WooCommerce campaign is efficient and effective. Often, learning what your competitors are optimizing for is half the battle, and 1Digital® will do that too.


WooCommerce SEO has to evolve and move with the changing demands of search engine algorithms. Our strategy will carry your website into the future with constant reports and analytics for accurate decision making.


Writing, blogging, and becoming a trusted resource through videos and online presence starts and ends with generating top quality content. 1Digital® works with the best copywriters around to provide all your content marketing needs.

Outstanding SUPPORT

We’re here for our customers, and we’re never more than a phone call, email, or Skype session away. Providing outstanding resources and information is key to worthwhile communication, and flawless communication is exactly what you’ll receive.

Link Building

If you aren’t generating backlinks from other reputable, relevant, informative, and engaging websites, you’re missing out on your SEO potential. We’ll find the best sites and create links that build your online reputation.


We’re strictly white hat developers, and we condemn techniques that result in penalization by search engines. We only use safe and ethical practices for your WooCommerce SEO strategy for steady and positive growth.

WooCommerce Partner

Content Writing

Your target audience wants more from a website than a great price; they want personality. Our team of expert writers focus on creating a WooCommerce SEO optimized voice that caters to your needs.

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Social Media

Linking your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, social media marketing is crucial for bringing traffic to your site. Our WooCommerce SEO team can assist in designing an effective social media marketing campaign.

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Analytic Reporting

Understanding how campaigns are working to provide the best ROI is critical in the world of WooCommerce SEO. Our custom dashboard allows both you and us to identify what channels and programs provide the best results for your site.

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Responsive Design & Development

While not included in the WooCommerce SEO services, we recommend that all of our clients have responsive design for their eCommerce site. Tap into the ever-increasing number of mobile shoppers!

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WooCommerce SEO FAQ

What will SEO do for my eCommerce store?

Imagine browsing a search engine for “used apple products.” When you scroll down the page, you come to a few websites listed beneath the advertised ones. This is SEO. Those websites sitting beneath the ads at the top of the page are there organically. What that means is that by targeting specific keywords and optimizing your site, search engines acknowledge your website as more trustworthy, valuable, and informative than others, thus ranking you higher on search engines and making your site more visible to users.

Is WooCommerce an SEO-friendly platform?

If you have an online store with WooCommerce, then you have a WordPress website. Because of this, you have immediate access to many SEO benefits such as blogging and the ability to optimize title tags and meta descriptions, along with access to a variety of plugins such as Yoast SEO.

When should I start SEO for my WooCommerce store?

If you already have an online store, then the best time to start SEO is now. If you are still working on your store and it is not yet live, then the best time to start SEO is now. Whether your store is live or not, you should start SEO immediately. Every step you take towards optimizing your WooCommerce store will only benefit you, as long as it is done properly.

What sort of optimization do I need to do?

In order to optimize your WooCommerce site in accordance with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, you’ll need to do a handful of things such as: optimize product and category page titles, include product descriptions, enable breadcrumbs, optimize URLs, include meta descriptions, optimize site structure, create unique content, avoid duplicate content, page speed optimization and more, and always remember to use your focus keywords. To help with your SEO efforts, it’s best to also set up Google Analytics and create a Google Search Console account.

How will SEO help with user experience?

When search engines rank websites, they are doing so in order to provide their users with the best possible answers to their search queries. The shopping experience is all about customer service, right? You want your consumers to have an enjoyable experience shopping on your WooCommerce site. But if pages are lagging or your website is hard to browse or has an outdated design, then users will skip your site and head to one that gives them a better online shopping experience.

Is it true that content is king?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: there are different kinds of content that you can have for your WooCommerce store. There is on-site content and off-site content. Off-site content is used to help build backlinks. These backlinks then speak to search engines and tell them that your site has valuable information or products related to certain keywords. This helps build trust and gets you ranking higher. Then there is the on-site content. On-site content also helps with building that trust, but it also provides your site visitors with useful information all while building your readership. So, yes, content is king and you need to have it (in varying lengths) everywhere.

How much content will I need to produce?

If you’re asking how much content you need to post in order to maintain SEO efforts, then it’s best to post at least one piece of content per day. However, there are all kinds of content that can be posted. Typically, when people think of content they think of blog posts and other forms of written content. However, content can come in the shape of video and images, too. In fact, search engines (and users) love videos. People are more inclined to watch a video than read a long blog post. And, if your video keeps users engaged then they are more likely to stay on your page.

What does an average WooCommerce SEO campaign look like?

At 1Digital®, we follow our SEO process that we have refined since we first started doing SEO for eCommerce business owners. We have a Discovery period where we do a site audit and look at your competitors. We then have our Project Setup phase where we set you up in our project management system, Podio, and have a kick-off call. The next step is Keyword Selection where we conduct keyword research and finalize a list of target keywords for your campaign. This is followed by On-Page Optimization, Content Creation, and Digital Marketing.

What will doing SEO get me?

SEO is always changing. There are strategies that were put into place ten – fifteen years ago that would do nothing for (except hurt) your SEO strategy today. Hint: Black hat SEO. With the right team backing you and the right, aggressive, SEO strategy put in place, you could get your site’s web pages listed on the first page of search engines. High rankings such as this will not only make your website and your business more visible, but it will also bring in more targeted traffic, which has a better chance of converting.

How can 1Digital® help with my WooCommerce SEO?

1Digital® has been working with WooCommerce businesses, and other eCommerce platforms, since our inception in 2012. We’ve honed our SEO process and tailor it to fit each unique project. Our technical SEO team knows the ins and outs of the WooCommerce platform and, along with our writers, we can create a hand-built campaign that is perfect for your business.

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