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Winning the Hearts of Holiday Shoppers on Mobile

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Winning the Hearts of Holiday Shoppers on Mobile

Holiday Shoppers on Mobile Represent Most Online Shoppers

Reaching Mobile Shoppers Opens Doors for Online Merchants

The population of mobile shoppers online has skyrocketed over the last few years, and this change in buyer behavior is undeniably affecting holiday sales for eCommerce businesses.  Businesses that are not prepared for purchases from holiday shoppers on mobile are likely to notice a significant dent in their sales, especially when considering that nearly $13 billion was spent collectively by mobile shoppers during the 2016 holiday season.  With eCommerce sales and interactions both trending towards mobile users and with mobile technology improving at a breathtaking rate, it is vital for online merchants to ensure that they are reaching mobile shoppers.  This fact applies doubly so for the holidays, a time in which many shoppers are likely to pop onto their phone to make a quick, last minute gift purchase.

ECommerce companies can no longer ignore the need to have mobile-friendly storefronts, but it’s also essential that they build considerations for holiday shoppers on mobile into their marketing strategy for the holidays.  An email advertising a holiday sale that is unreadable on mobile, for example, could end up missing up to 60% of your potential customer base.  Even established brands whose eCommerce income is flourishing could be missing out on untapped profits, and all that needs to be done is to build around new data and customer behaviors.  Reaching those mobile shoppers can open doors many businesses may not have even known to exist.

Improving Your Company’s Relationship With Mobile Buying

With the sheer numbers discussed above, it’s flooring to consider that even many well-established brands have not adapted to mobile well.  Almost everyone has, at some point, downloaded a clunky app only to uninstall it shortly afterwards to clear space for better apps.  Don’t let your company’s app be the app that buyers hate to open.  A slow, disorganized, or confusing app can be the bane of a businesses existence in the eyes of mobile shoppers.  Likewise, a polished app can make a business stand out well above the competition.

Investing in quality mobile programming, both in the form of a dedicated app and a mobile-friendly storefront, has an incredible return on investment and additionally opens up avenues for better connecting with holiday shoppers on mobile.  Apps, especially, allow for this critical communication improvement.  As an example, store apps often provide a feature that allows customers to opt-in to receive notifications on their phone for sales, shipping updates, and new product listings.  Mobile communication innovations for eCommerce stores allow for unintrusive but consistent connection with customers.  Well-made mobile apps can even roll a sale, coupon, or discount code right into a notification, allowing a customer to swipe the notification and immediately be taken to the sale page for quick purchases.

Notifications Can Connect Holiday Shoppers on Mobile With Your Store

Timed sales for holiday shoppers on mobile incentivizes the use of your company’s app, bringing new users to mobile and catching the attention of shoppers who are already on mobile.  Shopping a flash sale while commuting can not only be fun for the customer but effective at encouraging sales.  We all spend a lot of money during the holidays, and many mobile shoppers will be willing to jump on deals they become notified of.

In addition to building mobile-friendly websites and strong apps, it’s is also wise to consider integrating popular mobile payment options.  ApplePay, PayPal, and Amazon Payments are all very popular ways for holiday shoppers on mobile to pay for their purchases.  The popularity of tools like ApplePay primarily comes from the fact that they are incredibly secure, allowing mobile shoppers to buy with peace of mind without feeling like they have to do extensive research on a store before buying.  Just as important, though, is the fact that these payment options can facilitate one-tap buying.  Cart abandonment is an issue for all forms of eCommerce, but on mobile, entering extensive details to make an account and enter a credit card is a real chore.  If your app or website accepts a one-tap pay option, customers are much less likely to run out of time or become frustrated and then abandon their cart.  Closing a sale is the only way to make a sale, and for every mobile customer who jumps through registration and payment information forms, there are multiple customers who decide to go somewhere else.

Getting your app and website ship-shape can even become an effective marketing campaign of its own right; customers who enjoy your product are likely to want to see what your app has to offer if you let them know about it.  You can sweeten the deal by offering exclusive discounts to those who download your app and shop.  Imagine yourself in the shoes of a holiday shopper on mobile; hundreds of stores are vying for your attention, but one of your favorite brands just sent you an email with an announcement of their new, polished mobile app and special deals for those who try it out.  Chances are that your mind would start going over your holiday to-buy list as you tapped through to the app store to get the app.

Making It Count for Holiday Shoppers on Mobile

Mobile shoppers are accounting for more and more of the total percentage of eCommerce customers each year.  Being on top of your mobile game during this holiday season could mean securing the repeat business of one of the fastest growing demographics online.  Don’t underestimate how influential mobile has become; take the time to invest where it matters.  Not only can a well-implemented mobile strategy win over holiday shoppers on mobile, but it could also result in a massive boost to your word of mouth marketing.  Satisfied shoppers talk, send links, and recommend apps, and if it’s yours that scores the mobile shopping buzz, you’ll profit both in the short-term and in the long-term.

If your mobile presence could use an upgrade, 1Digital Agency is ready to help.  We make eCommerce our livelihoods, and we understand the ins and outs of mobile shopping.  Our talented agents can help guide you to a strategy that will work for your business.  Contact us today at!


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