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Why Your Website Design Matters for PPC Success

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Why Your Website Design Matters for PPC Success


Most people think of PPC as a fast track to building traction with search engines, a way to vault to the top of the paid rankings and draw in some traffic, leads and eventually customers. There are several factors that go into the success of a PPC campaign.

One factor that you might not expect to matter for PPC success is your website design. In reality, the way your website looks matters a lot to your PPC efforts.

At 1Digital Agency, we do it all from design to development to the digital marketing efforts that make a difference, so we know what it takes to achieve success in your digital marketing. Today, we will take a closer look at some website design and performance metrics that can affect your PPC success.

A Responsive Website – Having a responsive website helps in all searches, not just PPC. What this means is having a website that adjusts to the screen size of your device and is created specifically for certain devices. In a world where we spend so much time on mobile devices and can do so much with them, having a responsive design is a must.

Is It Fast? – Page speed has been a ranking factor for organic search for a while, but what does that have to do with your PPC success? Well, if you have an elaborate design, it can take some time to load, so it is important to know that most website visitors will only wait three seconds before pushing the back button and checking out a different result. For organic search, while you want your website to load quickly, the lost visitor doesn’t cost you anything. For PPC though, that click and bounce after just a couple of seconds will cost you. Make sure your visitors are not tempted to go back to the results because your website is slow.

Technically Sound – So many websites have technical errors. You can go through tests and make sure everything is working, but you can never completely be sure on your own. If visitors tell you something isn’t working, fix it. Working with a developer can go a long way in addressing the technical errors and getting your website in top shape.

Look and Feel – Obviously, design is about the way your website looks. Having the right look and feel is also important to PPC success. When people click on the ads, they want to be impressed by where they go. If an ad directs them to a small and perhaps homemade website on an outdated platform, it will make visitors question how much they can trust you or how credible you are. Making a strong first impression is everything, and any page on your website that serves as a destination from these ads has to look good and have a quality look and feel.

Clear Objectives – Over time, your website will evolve to include more pages, more content, different functions and perhaps new products and product categories. What’s important is to not lose sight of the ultimate goal. If your goal is to get people to buy the product, then make sure all website elements reflect that. If you want more people to contact you as a lead or subscribe to a newsletter, make that the focus.

Internal Structure – Most important for website visitors is to be able to find what they want and not have to take too many steps to get there. If a visitor is looking for a certain product, it should be easy to find among the categories and additional products. If a customer wants to know the return policy or shipping details, that should be easy to find too. Just like with technical errors, you might think it is easy to navigate and find everything on your website, but that might not be the same case for visitors, which could be the difference between making a sale and losing a sale.

Now that you know how your website design and development can have a direct impact on digital marketing efforts like PPC, isn’t it time you put some care into your digital marketing and website appearance? At 1Digital Agency, we can help you get the results you want from your digital marketing with a design and development project that can give your website the right look and feel and function properly.

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