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If you are looking to establish a web presence and make an impact in the digital space, then you likely already know the importance of SEO. You may also know that the first step to getting a great SEO campaign is an SEO audit.

An SEO audit is a tool used to determine a website’s current standing with search engines and rankings and to find the strengths and weaknesses of your website. It allows you to see where you can improve in organic search.

At 1Digital Agency, the SEO audit is the first step in our process of building a successful SEO campaign. For a limited time, 1Digital Agency will run a free SEO audit and provide feedback of where we can improve your search results and some of the areas where things are already working well. By completing this, it allows us to see where we can address the weaknesses with new keywords that are more relevant to your business or to your target audience.

Today, we will review some of the aspects that are discovered with an SEO audit.

Website Health – An audit report will compare your website to your competition and analyze specific areas where you may be falling behind. Do you have duplicate links or broken links? How do your numbers compare to competition in terms of bounce rate or time on site? An audit provides an inside look to your link structure, site map, and website speed. A lot of what goes into ranking is technical and an audit can identify where your website has technical issues. The audit is also able to review how your keywords perform and how the rest of your SEO-friendly elements look, like meta descriptions, headers, content and internal links.

Competition – An audit doesn’t just put your website under a microscope, but also that of your competition. You need to have at least some perception of what your competition is doing so you can remain relevant and competitive in those areas. An audit doesn’t just identify your strengths and weaknesses but looks at similar keywords from your competition to show their strengths as well. It all helps you come up with a better plan to address your weaknesses, turn them into strengths, and start ranking with your competition.

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Content Strategy – Your content is nothing without identifying keywords, and doing an SEO audit allows you to see what keywords are working and which may need improvement. It allows you to directly address your on-page SEO and plan a content strategy that focuses on specific keywords for the purposes of building your rankings. From the audit, 1Digital Agency’s first step once an SEO campaign starts is to do extensive keyword research to create a list of target keywords that we want to focus on and build up in search engines. Through this research, content is planned around the keywords chosen and it helps create both backlinks and on-page content to boost results on search engines in many ways.

At 1Digital Agency, we have an extensive SEO process that has delivered proven results, increased traffic, and increased ranking on search engines and it all starts simply by doing a free SEO audit report.

Check out some of our success stories and case studies for SEO campaigns and contact us today to set up your free SEO audit and allow us to take a look and see how we can help you improve your SEO results.


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