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In today’s society, more often than not, people are conducting searches on their phones, not from desktop computers. With the world getting more mobile friendly, search engines have stepped up the importance of mobile optimization.

Mobile-first indexing is one of the growing trends in SEO and figures to be even more important in the new year of 2019, which is rapidly approaching.

Today, we will look at this trend and how 1Digital Agency can help you get ahead.

Google announced in March that they are migrating websites to mobile-first index, meaning the mobile version is used for the indexing and ranking of your pages. It makes being a mobile-friendly website even more important.

Responsive design was already an important part of a website’s development because of the number of mobile users that will likely be accessing your website. Now that search engines are using this for indexing as well, the mobile version of your website matters even more.

To be optimized for mobile, there are a few practices that you can follow to stay mobile friendly while building your mobile optimization and SEO plan.

Keep Above the Fold Content – It is still preferable to include text content above the fold, even on mobile designs. What this does is show people that there is more to be seen and encourages scrolling.

Don’t Focus on the Mobile Customer Alone – Just because mobile is being indexed first doesn’t mean desktop isn’t important. The goals of both mobile and desktop users are becoming more and more similar. Instead of focusing solely on mobile users, focus on the ideals of all users when designing your website.

Keep Content Uniform – Building a website with a responsive design makes this task easier, but the idea is to make sure content is not duplicated and remains uniform across all versions of your website. The information and content posted on the desktop version should match what is on your mobile version.

Develop From the Top Down – If you want to make sure you have good mobile development, design your website for mobile first and then build out the desktop version from there. If you do this in reverse, you will find that bugs can pop up as you create a mobile design and you may be dealing with unforeseen or unwanted issues, only increasing the amount of work needed to get your website completed.

At 1Digital Agency, we can handle every step of your website project from start to finish.  Do you want your website to have a new design that is mobile friendly? We can do it. Do you want to have a responsive design that works over all platforms and devices? We can make it happen. Do you want your website to be fully optimized with the best content and SEO practices? We can do that as well.

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