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4 Reasons eCommerce Has Taken The Windy City By Storm

Chicago’s startup scene is growing faster than ever before, and SEO services in Chicago are in high demand. Thousands of small startups, and a very impressive group of high-profile investors, are putting all their chips on the Windy City, and there are good reasons for that.

If one sticks to the news, one might say that 2020 was not the best year for Chicago. All that doom and gloom spewed out by most media outlets would have scared anyone from even setting shop.

However, the hard facts are in. Today, Chicago is one of the strongest hubs for eCommerce and startups in the nation. I’m willing to bet that any Chicago SEO company worth its salt will try hard to take advantage of the momentum generated by this digital marketing resurgence. Chicago SEO services have dramatically increased in importance since most old retailers and new startups now rely heavily on SEO campaigns to generate leads and sales.

Let’s take a look at the facts and find out:

Why is the Chicago SEO Industry is Experiencing Such Unprecedented Growth?

1. Local Company Investment Reached a 15-Year High in the First Quarter

After the Covid 19 crisis, eCommerce companies have been popping up everywhere in Illinois, especially in the Chicago area. More impressively, the dollar signs attached to them are mind-blowing. We saw record venture capital funding during Q1 and the money seems to keep flowing into the city.

However, that also means that there are thousands of entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of this windfall, and they desperately need Chicago SEO experts to help them design a strategy that puts them front and center in the minds of investors. Without a sound SEO strategy, many of the best ideas will go unnoticed or down the circular file.

The good news is that money always attracts more money. The more capital comes to Chicago, the more attractive it becomes for others to follow their lead. And it applies to all industries, even those who haven’t raised any money yet.

If you partner with the best SEO company Chicago has to offer, you can be certain you will not miss the great opportunities that are coming your way.

2. Chicagoans Are Hell-bent on Disrupting Their Markets

Most business owners don’t know this: disruption attracts money. We know that every industry got violently shaken by the big reset that’s been going on for a year now. However, those that have managed to completely change the way to do things, while making it easier for their audiences to access their products and services, have increased their sales and value many times over.

One example is Clear Cover, a Chicago-based auto insurance company that recently raised $200 million by taking advantage of the new normal. They saw that physical insurance agent networks could be easily replaced with online lead generation. So they found a way to boost their sales even when people spent less time riding their cars.

Only an experienced Chicago SEO consultant can design campaigns that match this level of disruption and help a business find more lucrative ways to bring traffic in.

3. The Office Real Estate Market Is Opening Up

Office space landlords have had a rough time this year, no doubt. However, this has opened up new opportunities for businesses operating online. Last year we saw a leasing spree led by Amazon as they greatly expanded their operations in Illinois (more on that later). But they slowed down a few months ago, freeing up a ton of office space and forcing landlords to be more lenient with leasing terms. Chicagoans are taking advantage of this lease flexibility environment and starting small eCommerce operations with limited in-person collaborative workspace.

The fact that the Chicago industrial vacancy rate is on the fall, means that more and more businesses are opening and the economy is in a steep recovery. In fact, it is precisely eCommerce that’s leading the bulk of this amazing recovery in Chicago. But it also means that only those wise enough to use an SEO agency in Chicago will reap the benefits of this opening.

4. New Chicago Regulations Favor Small Players

Big companies have been gobbling up rental space in Chicago hoping to establish themselves as the only alternative in their respective industries. However, Chicagoans are starting to get fed up with living surrounded by immense warehouses and big smelly trucks coming in and out at all times.

A new regulation initiative seems to be gaining traction, and it would force these big players to reduce their carbon emissions and even square footage. This will impact companies like Amazon that, as we mentioned before, have been renting space in Chicago like there is no tomorrow.

From our point of view, this gives small startups and eCommerce businesses an edge. Many of our Chicago SEO clients have learned to use office space efficiently, and most have taken advantage of remote work tools and eCommerce platforms designed to make any business become extremely space-efficient.

Before renting more office space, or deciding to scale your business, you must talk to a Chicago SEO consultant. They specialize in designing strategies that maximize efficiency and help your business grow at a steady but manageable pace.

Fortunately, SEO in Chicago, IL, is also on the rise. All these new startups and firms are leaving nothing anything to chance. If your startup is having trouble finding seed money, or if you want to position your business as a leading brand in the Chicago area, you definitely need the help of experienced SEO experts that will guide you through the whole process. From setting up a professionally looking website to generating high-quality leads, to helping you climb positions in search engines.

If you have any questions or would like to have a free SEO audit, don´t be shy. Give us a call or schedule a meeting with our Chicago SEO pros today.


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