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In the eCommerce space, earning a new customer is all about how you interact with them. Creating a connection with your customers through your website is becoming increasingly important.

Just how necessary is interactive website design? Research shows that over 70 percent of the customer’s journey is online in a self-service capacity. Creating an eCommerce site that emphasizes this kind of experience needs to take priority.

What are the benefits of having an eCommerce website with interactive design? Today, we will review some of these benefits.

Interactive design takes an eCommerce website and injects it with software and interface elements that are designed to engage visitors and make the experience more relevant to them.

Think of it this way: no one likes to be talked at or told what to do. The real way to make a connection is to start a conversation. A way to do this on an eCommerce website is to ask visitors to take some sort of action to continue their experience. This can be things like watching a video, sharing to social media, clicking on a button, voting in a survey, or entering a search term.

The information you get from the visitor can help you create a more individual and meaningful experience with them and the visitor gets a better understanding of what you and your business are all about. If you were to take this interactive system away, the experience completely changes. Your visitors would likely see irrelevant results, and if results are not relevant, they probably aren’t going to stay on the website for too long.

Create Meaningful Connections

Customers expect an interactive experience. They want help with their questions and they want to be guided in the right direction for their needs. With the emergence of eCommerce web stores continually increasing over the years, many of the interactions people have are digital.

For businesses that have a physical location, you may do everything you can to make that meaningful connection with the customer through face-to-face interaction, but not put enough focus on digital interaction.

For example, make it obvious how the customer can benefit from shopping with you. This can be done with a significant offer that is highly visible at the top of the website that prompts a click or with a chatbox that offers immediate assistance. You can see this example below from our client, Casa M Spice Co.


Build Trust Through Psychology

With every positive experience and interaction a customer has, the more willing they are to become more invested in the future.

Think of this like playing a game on your phone that has in-app purchases. At first, you just want to play for the enjoyment of the game, but eventually, you may feel that purchase is completely necessary to continue the advancement and interaction. You start by spending a small amount like five or 10 dollars. Then you increase to 20. Then 40. Then 100. It keeps getting incrementally higher because you feel the connection is strong and the desire for the interaction demands it.

The same can be said for eCommerce stores. Making people feel rewarded for their interaction helps to build the trust to continue that journey. You want to start this early in the customer’s journey, give them a sense that if they don’t take the next step and interact with your website that they will miss out. Your first interaction shouldn’t be as the customer adds to their cart when you can use this power to influence the steps that lead to a conversion.

Better Conversion Rates

Sometimes the game is not getting the sale on the first try or in the first minute of a customer visiting a website. While you obviously want to attract people to the website who are actively ready to make a purchase without much research, you want to be a guide for people who are just starting their journey.

Building trust is important. You want to help the customer’s interest in you increase by being there and having an eCommerce website design that engages the customer. As they begin to trust you more, they are more likely to become a paying customer because it is the logical next step in the journey.

Personalized Content

Your interactions can provide a lot of insight into what your customers really want. You know where people are clicking. You know when, where, and how people are navigating through your website. You can take all of this information and use it to your advantage by creating a customized user interface that is tailored to specific customers.

With more detailed data on customers, you can help direct them to what they are looking for, create content that is relevant to them specifically, showcase offers around what they want that they won’t want to pass up, and make the experience more personal.

Establish Your Brand

If you create a connection with the customer, they become loyal to you because of that trust. This is how you create repeat customers or continued visits to your website even if a purchase has not yet been made.

Building your brand helps you establish a place in the industry and can be done in a variety of ways. Content is a big part of it.

The content you produce doesn’t have to just be about your products. You can help teach your customers about the best ways to use the product or give them tips on how products can work together in the industry.

Look again to Casa M Spice Co for a great example of this. Not only is their logo and brand present and noticeable on every page of their design, but they promote their products through content like their recipes page, which not only encourages the purchase of their spices but also shows how to use them for best results.

casa m spice co website design

casa m spice co recipe page

In addition to providing content that helps your customers use the product properly and encourages them to try new things with the product, sharing can also be a way to help people be more interactive. This can happen in two ways — review directly on the website and social media sharing.

Sharing to social media increases visibility and helps increase the connection the sharer has to your brand. Sharing promotes others seeing your content and products and coming to your website to interact with you. When one customer has a good interaction, they want to share that experience and tell others about it. Leaving a review directly on your website promotes this because new customers are very likely to see what others have said about your products. Sharing on social media also encourages others to click through to your website.

With the help of 1Digital Agency, you can have dimensions of interactive design that will help increase visibility, build your brand, and encourages customers to trust you and purchase from you. 1Digital Agency has helped a number of clients achieve the online success they desire and build their brand to be trusted and recognized within their respective industry.

Contact us today to learn more about starting a custom design project and other digital marketing services that can turn your business into an industry leader.


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