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Why Creating Quality Content Matters

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Why Creating Quality Content Matters

If you’re in the digital marketplace, you probably face many challenges related to the success of your organization or business. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re selling a product or a service because many of the challenges related to visibility and customer engagement in the online marketplace are not unique to one industry. However, one thing is certain regardless of your industry: the quality content you produce matters.

There are quite a few reasons for this, but ultimately the most important reason is that creating quality content will result in reaching your target market as well as better customer engagement. Producing pieces of content using the right keywords that appeal to your target audience will enable your prospective customers to not only find your business and the products and services you offer, but the right type of content will communicate the benefits of your organization. With the right content strategy, you won’t waste time and money – you’ll even be building trust.

Creating content with the proper keywords gives your web page higher authority and will make it easier for prospective customers to find your site. Additionally, backlinking content to your website lets search engines recognize your site as a valuable source relevant to the right keywords. When search engines crawl your web pages, they recognize these keywords to boost your authority and make it easier for customers to find you.

The thing is, even though you are the expert in your industry, creating high quality content can be difficult. You’ll be asking yourself questions about what topics you should cover, what keywords you should use in your writing, and where your content should appear. We here at 1Digital Agency understand these questions, but we also know what creating great content is all about. You’re an expert in your industry and we’re experts in ours. When you partner with us, we get to understand your organization and your target audience – and then we create content to get you the following results.

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Better Visibility

Part of what makes our content marketing team successful is the fact that we have a team of writers with experience creating a wide variety of content for a wide span of industries. We consult with you to understand your business, the value you deliver, your target customer, and the challenges you are looking to overcome. Then we produce the content that will help generate more organic visibility for your online presence.

With greater organic visibility comes more organic traffic, and more organic traffic means more eyes on your page that want to be there. For example, according to MOZ, organic searches are, on average, 8.5 times more likely to be clicked than paid searches. With more organic traffic, you’ll have a higher saturation of interested customers from your target audience viewing your pages. That means greater customer satisfaction and…

Higher Conversions

At the end of the day, higher organic traffic leads to higher conversion. When people looking for your product find you, good things happen. Most sources project higher conversion (albeit at differing rates) from organic traffic than from paid searches. What that means for you is that with the right content strategy to boost your organic traffic, you should see an increase in conversion. All you need is the right content and the right content strategy, and 1Digital can help with that.

Happier Customers

Customers trust organic search results more than paid searches, and when they feel that they’ve found what they’re looking for on their own, there’s a higher sense of satisfaction. If that all resulted from the right content strategy, what you have is the makings of the right customer relationship management. Particularly if the content that your customers see is relevant to their needs, you’ll have customers that keep coming back for the insight of your content as much as for the value of your products or services. With the right content marketing strategy and properly tailored content, you could be looking not only at better performance but at long term growth.

Give us a call today at 888-982-8269 to speak with us. We’ll help you come up with and implement a content strategy so that you can reap these benefits.

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