Why Bigcommerce is the Best Responsive Shopping Cart?

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Why Bigcommerce is the Best Responsive Shopping Cart?

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Why Bigcommerce is the Best Responsive Shopping Cart?

Are you running an eCommerce Store?

Is your store generating low sales and you are trying to find the ways to get more sales?

Do you know what is causing you less sales?
There are plenty of reasons that are causing you less sales. It could be the load time, Design, Your website content etc. However, amongst many other reasons one of the main and overlooked reason for low conversions is not having a responsive website.

Now what is a Responsive Website?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors) -Wikipedia

Several research agencies have revealed in their studies that more and more users are shifting to mobile devices for web browsing, online shopping and social networking. Things are just a tap away in the mobile devices and smart-phones . See Image below

Responsive Web Design

So with trends constantly changing and increase in mobile users, e-business owners are somehow forced to develop websites which appear perfect to mobile phone visitors. There are more specific reasons to go responsive, we have enlisted the major points:

Reasons to Have a Responsive Website

1. It is estimated that the sales of PC will go down from this year.
2. Google recommends responsive web design as best practices in web design industry.
3. Data from Google Analytics says – over 60% of web surfers are browsing from Mobile devices
4. Tablet Sales will hit 100 million mark and will leave laptops behind by the end of year 2013.
5. Responsive web designs are ranked on the top 5 eCommerce checklist by Forbes Magazine in year 2013

Ok So Now you know the benefits of having responsive website. So for your store you might be using Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Volusion or any other ecommerce platform. Our experience with our customers has revealed to us that Bigcommerce is the best in creating responsive store, Now let me tell you more about Bigcommerce and its offering.

What a BigCommerce Responsive Designs Offers :

BigCommerce is known for it’s fantastic pricing, strong security features and on the top of everything it has got unbelievably powerful inventory system. If you are one of the merchant who is looking to get the most value out of their investment then there is no other more profitable CMS for your business than BigCommerce.

Responsive Web Design

BigCommerce designs offers an optional template for mobile devices. A merchant can set their website using there mobile layouts. However it will inherit the standardized BigCommerce mobile template. You may also opt to turn off the mobile templates and use custom designs for screens you want to display the website. These designs appear excellent and operate smooth on mobile devices. It would not be the one that is targeted specifically at mobile browsers. It is more beneficial to get your website a custom BigCommerce design which is far more effective than a general mobile layout. You may decide these design plans based on the visitors trends and analytics of your website.

Benifits of BigCommerce Responsive web design :

1. Upgraded Backend : The latest version of BigCommerce offers hundreds of latest features with no extra cost.

2. Fantastic Pricing : As far as e-commerce sites are concerned, Bigcommerce responsive web designs are best investment in comparison to any other shopping cart.

3. Security and Marketing options : BigCommerce offers Hacker-deterrence, provisioning and almost every possible security option for your website. It also offers eCommerce SEO options to increasing visibility in search engine result pages.

4. Perfect Timing : As we have mentioned above, by the end of this year number of tables and mobile devices will go ahead of PC, what will be a better time to encash the features of BigCommerce responsive design as more visitors will be mobile.

So if you interested in a BigCommerce responsive web design for your eCommerce website, feel free to get in touch with 1digitalagency.com and schedule an appointment to get a your eCommerce website custom fixes.

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