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Running an eCommerce business puts you at the helm of a model that offers challenges that traditional businesses could never have dreamt of. A business in the digital sphere faces obstacles that are entirely unique to the virtual space. While generating revenue and cutting costs are issues that face businesses in every corner of the world, being a successful eCommerce entrepreneur requires creativity, innovative spirit, and technical expertise.

eCommerce presents unique obstacles such as generating sustainable organic traffic, developing a user-friendly website that minimizes bounce rates while maximizing conversions, and managing information across multiple digital media channels all the while maintaining consistency in the image and voice of your product portfolio.

Since you already have to be an expert in your specific field to be successful with your business ventures, operating in the digital sphere adds a whole new dimension to the tasks you have to juggle. Maintaining a digital presence is generally unspecific to business – it is just another sphere in which business operates. Yet it is so complex, in fact, that the need for a digital agency with vast creative and technical expertise can be well worth your while.

The question then is, if you’re serious about taking advantage of some of the benefits that a digital agency can offer you, what do you want to look for in a partner to get the most out of the deal? You’ll need a good understanding of the challenges facing your eCommerce business and what you hope to accomplish, but regardless of what it is, here are a few things to look for to help you select a capable digital agency.

Finding A Digital Agency With A Proven Track Record

It’s no surprise that a digital marketing agency is going to promise big things – they might even promise big things fast. Whether they’re offering to boost organic traffic to your site, make your content more appealing to your target customer, or streamline your site’s checkout process, you’ll want to make sure they can show you a track record of that success. Without a history of success and happy customers, there’s little for you to go on in the way of trust.

Think of it as taking customer reviews into account before making a purchase. Would you be more confident making a first time purchase on a product with a five-star review or one with no reviews whatsoever? Sure, you could get quality from an unreviewed product, but there’s always an element of risk.

You’ll want to ask any prospective agency that you’re considering working with not only how they do what they do (more on that in a moment) but ask for examples of success in that field. Here at 1Digital Agency, we showcase our history proudly.

Are you wondering how we can help you with website development to help remove bugs and incorporate useful apps into your website? Are you interested in creating a custom design for your website to serve as a differentiator from the competition? Do you need help creating specific apps and tools to help prospective customers better understand the value of your products and services? We can help with any of these challenges and yet more, and we have a history of success to prove it. Take a look at our portfolio of successful designs we’ve created for clients – we’re happy to share our past successes with you, regardless of whether our clients came to us for help with design and development, SEO or email marketing.

Consider what we did for J Devlin Glass Art – take a look at the images of their site before and after below. To the left is the site with which they came to us to request help with a redesign. Though an attractive site showcasing equally attractive handiwork, their site was full of information – perhaps too full. The eyes don’t know where to rest or what to take in. Contrast that with the finished product our team produced below. There’s far more emphasis on the products, and the text is largely restricted to an easily navigable panel of options across the top. Something as simple as a redesign of such nature can have a profound effect on how your customers interact with your site, and when it’s well done, it’s for the better.

Let’s say, for example, you’re working with a website that you wanted to see brought up to speed. As we’ve done for clients in the past, we can help redesign your brand for you, incorporate the elements of your brand image into the design of your website and totally redo your website to make it more compatible with mobile commerce so that your online business offers the same UX and UI across multiple platforms. If you come to us looking for help with search engine optimization to boost your organic traffic so that you to increase conversions in your online store, we’ll put together a campaign that includes a website audit, industry analysis, keyword research, and onsite content generation along with many other components that can result in great increases in organic traffic and revenue.

A history of success is only one thing to look for when you’re shopping around for a digital agency to help you make your eCommerce website faster, more visible, and easier to use. Though it’s something we can demonstrate, there’s more you’ll want to consider.

A Digital Marketing Agency Should Get To Know Your Business Goals

This is equally important to the ability to demonstrate past successful projects and campaigns. The challenges facing each eCommerce store vary, and although they may fall into any of several larger categories, you only need help for the challenges facing your organization. You won’t want to partner with an agency that doesn’t take the time to get to know the unique challenges specific to your organization, because if they don’t, they’re not going to be able to tailor their approach to your situation. That means at best what they offer is a one size fits all approach, and in eCommerce, one size does not fit all.

  • Let’s say your website suffers from high bounce rates, low conversion, and overall low traffic. It might seem like that’s purely an issue of SEO, but in reality, there are many factors at play. While it’s true your website’s pages may not be optimized to generate the organic traffic needed for consistent long term conversions, the user interface might present problems to your customers that they are not sharing with you.

It might be that there are too many steps involved in the checkout or that it’s difficult for prospective customers to find the products they want or even came for. Maybe your website suffers from high bounce rates because the organic traffic it is generating doesn’t contain a significant proportion of your intended target audience.

To understand these problems and the challenges causing them, a digital agency will need to consult thoroughly with you to get an understanding of what problems you believe need to be solved, and that’s exactly what we do. You may know your website doesn’t receive enough traffic or conclude enough sales, but we’ll perform audits to see exactly where it can be improved and how. We’ll look at the websites of successful competitors to gauge their designs and see what’s working for them and how it can be applied to your situation. A good eCommerce agency will optimize your page design and the content included in it to increase its domain authority as a component of generating more organic traffic – but there’s more going on behind the scenes. We publish content to build links that point back to your site as another method to increase your traffic, all the while keeping an eye of Google Analytics to track traffic to your site as well as what happens with it.

The thing is, none of this is possible without first getting to know the problems your eCommerce platform is facing. You could be struggling with a slow site that frustrates customers and sends them elsewhere. You could be working in an industry where controls and restrictions make it hard to sell online, making better visibility imperative. Possibly your website doesn’t include the right suite of apps to make it competitive in your industry. The case might even be that you aren’t using your platform to its fullest potential or that your platform has limitations that are hard to maneuver. Regardless of the hurdles that you want a digital agency to help you jump, that agency first needs to develop a complete understanding of your business, the industry, the problems you want to solve and your goals.

Full Service Digital Agencies: An Integrated Approach

While digital agencies focusing on only one or two areas of online business might be valuable in limited situations, you’ll more than likely get much more from wider capabilities. However, you don’t just want to work with a digital partner on your eCommerce platform simply because they offer, say, custom app development and content creation for your business’s blog.

You need something more than just a partner that offers a wide range of services. You need one that takes an integrated approach to solving complex problems. Without an integrated approach to tackling complex issues, nothing works smoothly. An engine’s parts must run in concert, or none of them will run at all.

For example, if your online business sells sneakers, you are going to face staunch competition from other resellers. That’s going to require you to generate enough traffic to your site to sustain sales. Now let’s compound that issue with another more general problem that you might face as an online retailer. Let’s say the graphic design of your website turns customers onto other sites, even when they make it onto your site in the first place.

It might sound like a good enough solution just to find an eCommerce digital agency that offers custom website design solutions as well as a team to produce content intended to differentiate you from your competition and generate more traffic, but it isn’t. It’s much more valuable to invest in the help of an agency that integrates its approaches into one model and thrives on cross functionality.

For example, here at 1Digital, we pride ourselves on the grounds of our abstinence from the silo effect. Our design teams work side by side with our creative content producers so that the aims to generate traffic and enhance your online store’s user experience go hand in hand.

What happens when your mobile web store has the right graphics and apps that makes it easy for your shoppers to find what they’re looking for quickly, but the content on your page is too blocky and puts off readers and shoppers? What about the flipside – if your content is mobile friendly but the portal itself isn’t? If any of the components of your eCommerce store is misaligned – things like the layout, the apps integrated and the site speed among them, the whole platform will suffer.

That’s why an integrated approach offers so much value. Whereas compartmentalization can solve one issue or two issues separately without ensuring that they work together to solve the suite of challenges you face – like low traffic, sales, and a website that doesn’t impress prospective customers, a partner that approaches all of your challenges with one lens will be better able to serving up better results. It’s almost not possible to tackle such complex issues without taking into account how everything in your eCommerce store works together.

Trust The Numbers: Look For Data Driven Processes

  • A final note – make sure any partner you’re considering working with to help you tackle the complex problems facing your online store is data driven. You don’t just want to rely on data for results, like higher traffic and sales. You want data to be incorporated into planning as well.

For example, if you’re considering a website redesign to make your online store faster and look more modern to compete more effectively against your competition, you’ll want a partner to develop key performance indicators, gauge the success of your big competitors, and develop a strategy to position, or reposition, you effectively.

There are four big things to look for in a digital agency to help you manage some of the challenges facing your eCommerce business. Though there are more to look out for, they’re probably going to be specific to your business – this is just a good starting point. And here at 1DigitalAgency, we pride ourselves on exemplifying these traits. A true consultative resource that integrates every facet of our operations when tackling your business woes, we are innovative and data driven with a strong history of successes. If you’re ready to join forces with a powerhouse digital marketing agency, contact us at info@1digitalagency.com today.


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