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What are the REAL costs of NOT hiring an eCommerce SEO Agency?

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What are the REAL costs of NOT hiring an eCommerce SEO Agency?

Many eCommerce business owners find themselves wondering if they should hire an eCommerce SEO agency or save that money and try on the digital marketer’s hat for themselves. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

If you want your business to stay right where it is, it might sound like a good idea. However, bear in mind that your competition is actively looking for ways to outpace you and drive traffic away from your site. Doing nothing may not be preserving the status quo, but directly harming you.

We imagine that, if you´re reading this, you are looking for ways to grow your business by working smarter not harder. So, here are some of the real costs of not hiring eCommerce SEO experts.

Opportunity Costs

Opportunity cost is a core economic principle many people tend to overlook. This happens because they are hidden or invisible to the untrained eye. As a business owner you’re aware that resources are not infinite, and you are constantly forced to choose how to invest them for maximum return. Opportunity costs account for all alternative uses forfeited when you devote resources to other processes. The concept is not only limited to money, but also your most valuable resource: time.

Dedicating a large portion of your day to search engine optimization will eat out a considerable amount of time that could be spent on more productive activities. That also applies to employees that might know a bit of coding or digital marketing. Some owners are tempted to divert much of their employee´s schedules to tasks that will provide little in terms of organic traffic or conversion rates given their limited experience in this field.

In-House eCommerce SEO Experts Do Not Come Cheap

You might decide to hire your own SEO experts. There are a couple of problems with this approach. A full-time SEO specialist can´t work alone. It means that after a few weeks they will invariably ask for a web developer to assist with technical SEO and website speed, a web designer to create clear cues that improve conversions, and a copywriter to write engaging content to attract audiences. All that accumulates on top of ad spend, which can eat up a lot of your marketing budget, especially in the long term.

For many merchants running online stores, keeping a fully-staffed marketing department can drive their bottom lines into red territory in the blink of an eye.

Analytics Tools Are Not Worth the Investment

Employees trying to figure out eCommerce SEO tools

Analytical tools are extremely important for keyword research, on-page optimization, site structure analysis, and monitoring and managing other valuable metrics. However, most of them are designed specifically with eCommerce SEO companies in mind, and not with general online entrepreneurs.

Acquiring all these tools to be used on a single business is rarely worth the investment. And that’s without mentioning the learning curve associated with using the tools and analyzing the results they provide. It takes time and effort to process and interpret data before you can even come up with a marketing strategy, which results in additional opportunity costs.


Copy Gets Stale Fast

As an eCommerce business owner, you know your industry better than anyone else. It is your passion and because you’re constantly solving your customers’ problems, you are qualified to give the best advice your audience can find online. However, coming up with informative, engaging, and up-to-date copy that converts is a full-time job in itself. It is not uncommon to see a lot of eCommerce sites whose last blog post is now 2 or 3 years old.

Staying on top of the latest trends in your industry and outsmarting your competitors in terms of content can be very demanding. Additionally, business owners who are intent on growing their customer base have little time to develop a content strategy for your blog and product pages, let alone implement it. And it’s not just the writing; you need to invest time uncovering target keywords and performing audience research before you can even get started. Google sooner or later realizes that your old pieces of content no longer provide relevant information and sends them down to page two of search results (or lower). An eCommerce SEO agency, however, with years of experience drafting optimized content plans, can leverage its resources in your favor.

Negative SEO is Real

Regular backlink cleanup is always a good practice. You need to constantly monitor what websites are pointing to your pages, and make sure they´re not spam links. A sudden surge of toxic links can get your site into trouble, and earn you a harsh wrist slap from Google through neither action nor fault of your own.

What’s worse, these spammy links can get into the thousands before you are able to properly address the problem, and disavowing them can become a weeks-long ordeal that will invariably cost you a considerable volume of organic traffic.


Whether you are a small business owner or an enterprise-level organization, the cost of not hiring a truly experienced eCommerce SEO agency is something you should never ignore. You’ve spent years perfecting your eCommerce store and your business model, and they’ve spent years honing their eCommerce SEO services. Get in touch with veterans in the industry today by calling 888-982-8269.

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