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If you’re serious about your Volusion store and its online success,


Volusion recommends 1Digital Agency as one of its Elite experts. That’s because we’re a full-service eCommerce digital marketing agency that has been helping entrepreneurs create beautiful and functional custom Volusion stores since the day we opened our doors. We’re committed to delivering the finest Volusion store design or Volusion custom template you’ll find anywhere. We don’t take that promise lightly, but we make it confidently because instead of trying to do everything, we focus on eCommerce, and on being the best.

That’s why Volusion considers us one of their elite partners because we’re a capable and dependable partner to merchants with Volusion stores. Beyond the first project or marketing campaign, we aim to be the Volusion design experts on your speed dial whenever you need a hand with your store. We have the experience and the talent to guide you through any Volusion challenge that comes your way.

Why choose us for your Volusion design & development?


Because you expect the best, and accept no substitutes. Our Volusion designers will craft an appealing and effective custom designed site that helps your business make a great first impression. Our Volusion developers will build you the custom functionality that stretches the Volusion platform to its limits.

When you start a Volusion custom design project with 1Digital® you’ll be included and informed every step of the way. We may be the Volusion experts, but you’re the expert on your industry, and we value that input. You’ll be working alongside the members of the 1Digital® team in a shared workspace that fosters transparency and communication. But you don’t have to take our word for it, because our work speaks for itself. On our Volusion custom design portfolio, you can see the work that 1Digital® has done for many of our satisfied Volusion clients.



No offense to our buddies over at Volusion, but sometimes a stock template just won’t cut it. Our Volusion designers can craft a custom designed site that’s perfect for your brand.

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Making our Volusion sites look great is just half the battle. The Volusion developers at 1Digital® have hundreds of Volusion projects under their belts and know how to make sure everything works like a charm.

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Digital Marketing

Much like any good eCommerce website, a good eCommerce digital marketing plan is custom built for your business. Our Volusion digital marketing experts know how to design a campaign that elevates your brand and conversion rate.

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Whether it’s Volusion API integration, or complex pieces of custom functionality unique to your needs, our Volusion developers can bring your Volusion store to the next plateau.

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Real Clients. Real Results.


You wouldn’t let a Ford mechanic handle your Ferrari would you? Then why let a regular SEO expert handle your Ecommerce store? Ecommerce SEO is a specialty and knowing a platform like Volusion is a niche few SEO experts understand. 1Digital® is an expert at both and that’s why you should hire no one other then 1Digital® for your Ecommerce SEO Volusion store! Let’s talk today!

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Volusion FAQS

Why should I choose a Volusion partner?

Choosing a Volusion partner takes the guesswork out of using the platform. Using an expert team of Volusion developers, Volusion designers, and Volusion SEO experts that know the ins and outs of the platform keeps you on track every step of the way from design to development and digital marketing. Putting your trust in a team of experts like 1Digital Agency, who have worked with many clients before you and works directly with Volusion to have your questions answered and make your website what you want it to be, can make a world of difference.

What do I get with a Volusion custom design?

Volusion offers a lot of design tools within the platform, but with a custom Volusion store design project, you can expand upon the boundaries of these templates. What you get is a website that has a professional design and doesn’t feel like a cookie-cutter template. A Volusion custom design gives you more possibilities with how your website can look and helps make you stand out and be unique among the many users on the platform. You need that distinguishing factor that sets you apart, so go get it in your custom design project and see what a difference it makes.

What can 1Digital Agency do for my Volusion store?

In short, 1Digital Agency can do a lot of things. There is a lot that goes into creating an online store with Volusion. You may need a new custom design or a redesign. You may need a custom development project or a responsive development project completed. You may want to start an SEO and content marketing campaign. With 1Digital Agency, you get a team that works with you and for you to achieve success and settles for nothing short of that. You get an agency that is a proud partner with Volusion and communicates with their team regularly in an effort to make your website look and work the way you want and be set up for success.

Why should I choose a Volusion developer?

A Volusion developer will have expert knowledge on the platform and have worked previously on a number of projects. They will be able to implement the special features that can make your website have some unique aspects and still run smoothly and efficiently. A Volusion custom development project is not required if you are getting everything you want from your website, but we recommend thinking outside the box and expanding the boundaries of your website. That special feature that isn’t typical on your template or in Volusion can make a difference in generating sales.

What goes into an SEO campaign with 1Digital Agency?

Every SEO campaign is different based on the business, but our strategy revolves around effective and well-written content. We produce content that will appear offsite on other websites to help build up your backlinks and domain authority. We produce content that will serve as on-page blog content, helping to promote your brand and message. We will also create content for your category pages that help you boost your on-page SEO. In addition, our SEO team will work behind the scenes to update technical SEO like page titles and tags so that you start ranking for the keywords that can make you successful and bring in new customers.

What support do I get with a Volusion partner?

When working with an agency, you get the support of the entire team helping on your project to make your website the best it can be and to keep it that way. In addition, Volusion’s support team is always readily available and our team is in constant contact with them as a platform partner. You also get the support of a team that is working for you for the success of your online store. There are certain parts of the project that are outside the limitations of the Volusion team that can be handled by a partner like 1Digital®, and with them, you get full support on every part of your project, especially the custom design and custom development elements.

What kind of results will I get working with 1Digital Agency?

At 1Digital Agency, we want to help you grow and reach new heights, so there are a variety of areas where we want to get results. With your SEO campaign, we want to see you start to rank on the top pages of Google and other search engines and see your organic traffic numbers improve. By coupling this with your Volusion design and development projects, our goal is that your conversions will also start to increase as a result of that traffic.

Why is 1Digital Agency the right Volusion partner for me?

The answer is simple: because we are experts in this eCommerce platform and many more. There are going to be things you don’t know about Volusion or may find confusing and the advice and guidance of an expert can help give you peace of mind. Leave the hard work in our hands and we will be there every step of the way. Our team knows everything there is to know about Volusion and can make your store shine.

What is working with 1Digital Agency like?

Working with 1Digital Agency means having an entire team as a support system and an expert. If you encounter a problem with your store and report it, our team goes to work to get your website back to standards. At 1Digital Agency, you get a team that wants to see you succeed and makes it our goal to help you get there. We follow best practices in Volusion design, development and digital marketing to help you put your focus on sales and the growth of your business.

What should I tell a partner agency before my project begins?

If you are partnering with an agency like 1Digital®, you should be as open and detailed as you can about the project, your visions for your store, and your overall goals. If you feel like a platform change is necessary, an agency partner should know up front that this is a goal. Being open, honest and transparent about the work that you do to your website and the work an agency does helps create a better partnership and better results.

Ready to get serious with your Volusion store?

We’ve been perfecting the craft of custom Volusion solutions for as long as we’ve been a company. We’ve handled over 200+ Volusion projects and are experts in the field. Whether you’re looking for store design, experts in integration and custom development, API or digital marketing services such as SEO & PPC – 1Digital Agency is ready to work with you today! We also have a full suite of digital marketing services including specialized Volusion SEO. We create SEO and digital marketing campaigns that revolve around your business so that you can compete and excel online. Volusion API and integration is another specialty we handle as part of our development services. Custom integration and API work can get complex. We have developers capable to meet the challenge. There’s not one API project that we haven’t been able to handle.

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