Volusion Sells Mozu. What Does This Means to Volusion Users?
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Volusion Sells Mozu. What Does This Means to Volusion Users?

Last month, Volusion sold their enterprise level platform system Mozu to Kibo. Kibo is an omnichannel cloud-based solutions platform. Mozu will continue to operate under the leadership of Kibo. So what does this mean for Volusion SMB (small-to-medium sized businesses) customers?

Focused Attention

Enterprise businesses take a lot of time and effort to run. It takes a small army to make sure the day to day operations of an enterprise business run smoothly and efficiently. With that, many small and medium-sized businesses can feel neglected by their platform.  With the sale of Mozu, Volusion will focus on growing their core eCommerce platform for its small and medium-sized clients. Growing their eCommerce platform means more attention focused on their small and medium sized eCommerce customers.

So What? 

With this sale, Volusion has more resources allotted for their existing platform customers. These customers are smaller than enterprise platform users and do not always have resources available to them to help grow their businesses. Volusion has said their ultimate goal is to get into a fast customer cycle of input and delivery that ultimately makes merchants more successful. Volusion has even taken it a step further by implementing a new Chief Technology Officer and product leadership structure. Volusion’s aim to become more customer-centric means Volusion customers get more individualized attention and focus. This means as a Volusion customer, you’re getting the best resources available to conduct business. 


Volusion’s move to sell Mozu shows their continuing efforts to refine themselves as an SMB eCommerce platform. By only focusing on small-to-medium sized businesses, they’re establishing themselves as a trusted platforms for smaller scale businesses. Your Volusion store now has access to the best in available resources and individualized attention from Volusion. Need some extra help with your Volusion store? 1Digital is an Elite Expert. We constantly partner with Volusion to provide eCommerce solutions to Volusion users. Whether a site redesign or data migration we can help you create the eCommerce store of your dreams. Contact us today!