Best Updates For Volusion Clients In 2017

Volusion’s Latest Updates Give You Seamless Integration & eCommerce Advantages

Volusion is one of the leading platforms in the eCommerce industry; over 40,000 eCommerce stores use it for a total of over $24 billion in merchant sales to date. Merchants love to take advantage of Volusion’s beautiful storefront designs, secure and streamlined eCommerce services, and its marketing capabilities within site. As a Volusion merchant, you can also take advantage of the constant updates and added features that Volusion makes to ensure the success of your business and your storefront.

As a certified Elite Expert and Volusion partner, we feel confident in pointing you in Volusion’s direction. Their dedication to a streamlined, easy-to-use admin experience is palpable, and it’s why so many eCommerce merchants choose them as their go-to platform. Recently, Volusion has made some updates that will boost your Volusion experience this year.

List Your Volusion Products On eBay

eBay is an incredible resource when it comes to increasing your online presence and getting your store’s products out there. But how do you balance selling your products on outside platforms from your Volusion storefront? It’s simple: you don’t have to. With Volusion’s integration with eBay, you can combine the vast reach and presence of eBay with Volusion’s streamlined and efficient storefront capabilities.

Best Updates For Volusion Clients In 2017

First of all, integrating eBay and Volusion allows you to avoid the annoyance of eBay fees. Since Volusion never has transaction or listing fees, you can keep 100% of the profits you make from eBay. The seamless integration of Volusion and eBay also means that you can control every aspect, from putting your products up to managing sales and inventory, through your Volusion admin. That way, you can save time and effort by switching back and forth between platforms, and manage your inventory list between two sites, because you can do it all through your Volusion storefront!

Volusion and Amazon Integration

Tapping into the vast network and visitor base of Amazon is crucial to any eCommerce platform. This is exactly why Volusion has taken advantage of it to boost your sales into overdrive.

Best Updates For Volusion Clients In 2017

Volusion has created a seamless integration with Amazon that allows you to easily list and sell your products on the world’s biggest marketplace platform. Why is it such a fantastic update for your eCommerce business?  Amazon will greatly expand your online presence, without too much effort on your part. Millions of shoppers flock to Amazon every single day, and so the seamless integration of your Volusion storefront and Amazon will allow you to share your products with millions, with only a handful of clicks. Volusion’s Amazon integration ensures that it’s built directly into your admin experience, which means you can manage your Amazon presence through your Volusion admin. And all of your inventory management will still be controlled through your Volusion storefront for ease of use!

The Sale of Mozu

Within the past year, Volusion has made the decision to sell Mozu, their enterprise-level eCommerce platform. How does this affect you? The sale of Mozu demonstrates Volusion’s dedication to their users and the merchants who rely on the platform to execute their business. It helps Volusion put more time and energy to their primary goal, to make Volusion better to help your business be better.  

Volusion’s Smartphone, Tablet, and Watch Updates

One of the true tests of an eCommerce platform’s dedication to staying up to date to keep you connecting with as many customers as possible is to make sure their mobile updates are compatible with smartphones, tablets, as well as Apple Watch’s and other similar devices.

Volusion has continued to update their Volusion Mobile App to ensure a streamlined experience between your smartphone and your storefront, available for free for both iOS and Android users. As a Volusion partner with the updated Volusion app, you can both add new products to your storefront as well as update features of existing products (like name, price, code, etc.). For iPhone users, you can now use your Touch ID for easy login to your account, and for Android users, you can stay up to date on orders through your home screen widget. The improved mobile app dashboard now gives you access to track store performance, and you can get notified with you have low inventory on any item. You can now also access all the same features and abilities through Volusion’s new app for your tablet! You can download the Volusion tablet app on your iPad, Android tablet, or any other tablet device, and start selling from the palm of your hand.

Best Updates For Volusion Clients In 2017

Volusion has also integrated their mobile app abilities to work with your smartwatch, too. The Volusion for Wear App is available for your Android smartwatch, as well as a Volusion + Apple Watch App. The app features including up to date information on new, processing, and shipped orders, and track individual product orders at any time you want so you can view your customer information, payment details, and more. You can also see your sales from the last day, week, or up to 90 days, and stay on top of your inventory level with inventory updates and low inventory alerts.

Volusion Partner 1 Digital Agency

1Digital hasn’t been designated as an Elite Expert on accident; it’s because we are a full-service Volusion Partner with the tools and the talent to handle anything your eCommerce storefront needs. We have been working with Volusion since our doors opened, and are dedicated to staying on top of updates and changes to make sure your storefront is at its best. We have been proven to be both a capable and dependable partner for a vast number of Volusion merchants. Whether you are starting out with your store, or you need a marketing campaign, it has been our goal to be the Volusion experts that you turn to for help.

Our full services include design, development (through code and customization), data migration, and digital marketing. Wherever you are at in your eCommerce store journey, we have the expert team that can help you achieve your goals. Call us at 888-982-8269 or contact us to make your Volusion store up to date, and reaching its maximum potential.

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