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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Ten thousand? A hundred?

Below are three examples of videos which we have already created for our clients:-

Online Asian Sports Betting, Gambling and Gaming Site

3dmirage – Best option for 3D solutions

Discount Hotel Reservations

Please note that all these videos feature “royalty free music” which we have purchased. We will also add SEO friendly tags to these videos.

Future modifications of video can be classified into three categories:

A) Minor – This is defined as any change which is requires less than 10 minutes of work. We can do this for free, but beyond 10 minutes the change becomes Medium.

B) Medium – Any changes which require more than 10 minutes of work can be classified as medium changes. These changes can be made for $75 per hour.

C) Major – This is changing either images or videos or music. The charge for such changes depends on work required.

Note: If we do not receive your reply within 7 business days, then we shall go ahead and create a video at our discretion.

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