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SEO for the Vaping Industry

Vape retailers are facing an interesting dilemma. While the vape industry is booming in 2017, the digital marketing vape businesses can use has been severely limited. Customers can find your products by searching Google, Bing and social media. However, paid ads are not possible, unless you’re marketing on specific 3rd party websites or forums. When traditional PPC is out of the question, what’s a vaping company to do to spread the word?

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Vape seo company

Search Engine Optimization for Vaping & e-Liquid (SEO)

Serious online vape and e-liquid shops rely on eCommerce SEO to drive traffic and conversions. Since traditional PPC and marketing campaigns are out of the question, you can imagine how fierce the SEO competition is for vape related terms. Since vaping and e-liquid businesses are so unique, you need to find an SEO company that knows the ins and the outs of the vaping world. Typical SEO agencies spread their expertise thin across many industries. The last thing you want to spend your monthly marketing budget on is training your SEO company in the nuances, terminology, and facts about the vaping/e-juice market. Don’t let your SEO company use your time to do their research!

Why 1Digital is your Vaping SEO Company

Since we opened our doors in 2012, (the same year that vape really took off) 1Digital has been marketing to vape & e-liquid customers. 1Digital has run successful campaigns for some of the top brands in the industry. We have become known as the go-to company for vape digital marketing and search marketing. We don’t just talk a big game, our vape SEO campaigns yield amazing results on Google and Bing for top keywords in the vaping & e-liquid world.

The screen shot to the right, and the screen shot in the banner on this page, are actual results we’ve gotten for our clients. This is just a sampling of what we can do. We have hundreds of rankings on page 1 of Google, with tons of popular keywords that are high visibility and high in search volume in both Google & Bing.

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Content Marketing for the Vape Industry

Most merchants don’t realize that a lot of the SEO heavy lifting gets done off of your site’s pages. A crucial part of a successful SEO campaign for your vape or e-juice store is content marketing. Our copywriters are well versed in the industry, and have lots of experience writing engaging vape content. We deliver accurate, informative and SEO friendly content for vape.

Strong rankings aren’t built overnight, especially with so many competitors jostling for the top spots. A good SEO campaign is assembled carefully for long term positive SEO results. Our campaigns bring together on page SEO optimization, and stellar content marketing to propel your Vape and e-liquid online store upward through the search engine rankings.

  • Site Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Copy & Writing Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Distribution
  • Link Building
  • Domain & Site Authority Building
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    We’re not new to this business! We’ve been helping Vape and e-Liquid shops since 2012. Our clients have some of the best results on the internet for Vape and e-Liquid related keywords. Our proof is in the results and our campaigns are strong. We’re realistic and we know it’s a complicated journey, however it’s a journey we’ve taken many times and know the way well. If you want to win online and compete in the Vape industry, trust the experts at 1Digital. Contact us today and let’s discuss your SEO campaign.

    It’s all about hiring the right team with the right experts. Once you figure that out, you’re on track to winning with your platform and your business. Whether you know exactly what you need or might have trouble articulating what you think is an advanced request, contact our Vape SEO team so we can help. We have in-house writers that know the industry better then others. We’re a team of professional digital marketers that are ready to help you be where your customers are online. We’re known in the industry for our top-notch eCommerce SEO campaigns, and results yielded by them. Our team members have been optimizing SEO campaigns since 1999 and eCommerce has been the focus point. We’ve been working on vape sites and optimizing them since 2012. Once hired, we’ll put together a plan for your Vape SEO campaign that will make the difference between the 1st page and the 10th page. Our eCommerce SEO results are real, and create real impact. Contact our genius SEO team today!

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    Ecommere SEO Vape

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    1Digital focuses on eCommerce SEO and specializes in eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento and other enterprise level solutions. We’ve made a name for our top level, best in class SEO services as one of the best companies for Vape & e-liquid SEO services. eCommerce SEO is different than other SEO strategies and relies on a specialized set of skills few companies have. Contact us today so we can explore your SEO game and utilize our experts for your bottom line!

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