4 Refreshing Ways to Update Your Shopify Site & Gain Repeat Customers
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4 Refreshing Ways to Update Your Shopify Site & Gain Repeat Customers

How Can You Update a Shopify Site to Ensure You Capture These Important Shoppers?

Repeat customers are the shoppers that return to your online store not once, not twice, but regularly. These consumers already shop with you again and again. They love your products and connect with your brand. So, why should you update your Shopify site if these customers already love you?

The answer is in the numbers.

Repeat customers are twice as likely to place products in an online shopping cart, and far more likely to proceed to checkout. As well, repeat customers spend more time on your Shopify site and visit more pages. For the average eCommerce merchant, repeat customers are just 8% of their shoppers, but these shoppers account for nearly 40% of all revenue. In some reporting periods, this minority of shoppers comprise 50% of revenue.

What if 15%, 20% or even 25% of your customers were repeat customers? It could mean an incredible increase in revenue for your Shopify online store.

The Current Status of Your Shopify Store

The impressive revenue percentages regarding repeat customers should not be a surprise. This information has been available for online merchants for years. Yet, almost 80% of an eCommerce company’s marketing and sales budget is dedicated to acquiring new customers. In part, this is because retaining repeat customers is actually cheaper than gaining new business.

However, the disparity between what an eCommerce entrepreneur spends and receives in terms of revenue is skewed. Likely, your Shopify online store is also skewed, in favor of acquiring new business, instead of retaining repeat customers.

Strategic updates to your Shopify site could even the playing field and help build an online business with a substantial base of repeat customers. Here’s how you do it:

#1: Encourage Customers to Proceed to Checkout

Have you ever been trapped in a department store with no clear directions to the checkout counter? This is actually a common occurrence for the American shopper in brick and mortar stores because department stores found that customers who couldn’t find the checkout would shop longer. In eCommerce, this is paralleled by a design that hides the shopping cart icon. The problem is repeat customers aren’t great at browsing.

4 Refreshing Ways to Update Your Shopify Site & Gain Repeat Customers

Repeat shoppers crave efficiency. Show these customers how to quickly proceed to checkout by updating your Shopify site to make it apparent where that process begins. When a new item is added to the online cart, ask if the shopper is ready to checkout. It is great to offer the alternative to continue shopping. Alternatively, place a “proceed to checkout” icon within the body content, instead of the header. Make this widget scrollable. That way it is always in view and easy to find when a customer is ready to buy.

Ensuring your checkout procedure is efficient for the customer can also cut back on cart abandonment, which is one of the biggest problems for online retailers.

#2: Make Mobile Conversion a Priority on a Shopify Site

When talking about check out, the mobile experience is even more important than what happens on your desktop site. If you aren’t harnessing the potential of mobile conversions, you are losing out on a significant number of repeat customers.

Back in April, Shopify made vast improvements to its mobile checkout process. Shopify Pay allows customers to save their purchase information and personal details. This includes, saving credit card number and a shipping address, which are essential for easy checkout. With mobile purchases forming a whopping 50% of all conversions for online stores, you need to ensure you update your Shopify site to work seamlessly with Shopify Pay and other mobile-friendly add-ons.

#3: Change with Your Campaigns

We know, it can be cumbersome and time consuming to constantly update your Shopify site. However, this time commitment can have a huge payoff in terms of repeat customers, and even minor changes can make an impact. You don’t need a Shopify store overhaul to start retaining business. Instead, consider small and strategic changes to your site that happen on a recurring and pre-planned basis. While this could be in the form of a pop-up window, changes to the actual site will get more attention from repeat customers.

Whether it is seasonal changes to your slider or a changing sales banner on your product page, these updates to your Shopify site can indicate to repeat customers that your company is innovative and aware. It also renews interest in your brand.

#4: Build a Real Offsite Relationship

A great deal of time and attention is placed on keeping customers engaged while on your website. If your shoppers are taking time to browse products and read the “about us” page, congratulations, you have a product that intrigues consumers and a Shopify site that captures customers. However, when doing an update to your Shopify site, also think about how the onsite experience can build an offsite relationship.

Capturing shoppers after they leave your website is essential to building your list of repeat customers.

Many eCommerce businesses do this with email. On the landing page or at checkout there is an opportunity to join a mailing list or receive regular updates. What if your offsite relationship could begin before you sent that first email?

Use social media instead. Where you are tempted to provide a second or third another opportunity for customers to join an email funnel, update your Shopify site to have a link to social media. Whether you suggest a Tumblr page or Instagram account, customers can connect with your brand in a different way.

Often, eCommerce companies leave social media engagement to a passive process. For example, icons along the bottom of the landing page are common. However, ramp up this engagement by consistently providing your customers with interesting social media content, purchasing Facebook ad campaigns to drive revenue and traffic, offering contests to excite your buyers, and utilizing the power of live video. Through social media you encourage repeat customers to interact with your brand across experiences and touch-points.

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