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Just like search engines, the landscape of social media is constantly changing. There are always new algorithms and trends that can make putting together a successful social media marketing campaign a difficult challenge.

The last thing you want to do with your social media plan is to sit out and not take advantage of the opportunities that social media platforms present.

Over the last year, social media has undergone substantial changes. Facebook dealt with controversy over its algorithm changes and privacy issues. Instagram launched business features and surpassed one billion users.

Strategies changed over the last year, too. Brands made bolder decisions within their strategy and were more real with users on a human level. Many new trends are starting to surface in 2019 and making for a different approach to creating social media content.

Today, we will look at some of these trends and how they can impact your social media marketing strategy.

Private Groups

One of the growing trends over the last year was the increased use of groups on Facebook that allow brands to make a connection with customers and fans of the brand without having the algorithms affect the performance of posts. Groups are used for everything from getting quick feedback on a product to engaging with customers. With Instagram, influencer accounts have started to create private accounts that bypass the algorithm there. The private nature creates more of a desire to be friends of these groups and brands and, therefore, the sense that you are missing out on the message of these brands if you are not getting “inside access.”


A growing trend in the eCommerce industry has been including chatbots on websites. Social media has also integrated messaging features over the years, such as Facebook Messenger, and it has become easy to add the same features to your website. This technology is still very new, so many websites don’t adopt the chatbot, but that kind of personal connection and communication with customers is very valuable. With progressions, these chatbots will make communication more natural than it is at the moment, but having that personalized aspect to your eCommerce website can make a huge difference.

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With so many privacy issues plaguing social media networks in 2018, brands are focused on being more aware of where their customer data is being used. In a study by Sprout Social, 55 percent of customers considered brands to be somewhat transparent on social media networks and 30 percent thought they were not transparent at all. Interestingly, there was more of a desire for brands to be more transparent on social media than friends or family.

Transparency on social media includes things like admitting mistakes when they happen, answering questions honestly, providing pricing, manufacturing and marketing practices and more. What customers want to see more of is transparency toward things like changes to the company’s products or services, the values of a company, the business practices or changes to the company policy, giving more of a clear indication of changes to the products or services and a more behind-the-scenes look at how the business is run.

New Networks

For many years, Facebook ruled the social media world, but with a lot of algorithm changes and privacy issues in 2018, that has changed. With users cutting all ties with Facebook, other networks may be seeing a boost in users or it could be a great time for a new network to come along and take the nation by storm. Keep an eye on news of any new platforms coming out and sign up and reserve your handle as soon as possible in the event that the platform really does take off.

Social Storytelling

Starting with networks like Snapchat, the idea of giving people a 10-second snapshot of your life became a trend. Now, you can find stories in all sorts of places, including on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp, which all include story features, nearly one billion stories are posted daily. The bottom line is that stories are not going anywhere, so you probably should include them in your strategy.

Maintaining a social media presence is more important than ever before. It shows engagement, involvement, and interest in your customers. It can also help you stand out from your competition and make an impact on your SEO performance.

At 1Digital Agency, we can have as much involvement as you need to create and execute a social media strategy that works, from setting up accounts to running campaigns that are coordinated and strategically planned.

Contact 1Digital Agency today to learn more about how we can help take your business’ personality and make it shine in the social space.


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