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The Best ECommerce Marketing Strategies to Win in The Gun Industry 

The gun industry has faced its share of controversy and criticism. This means that any eCommerce business owner has to be careful, yet decisive when marketing their products and services online. This particularly comes into play because of bans on more traditional advertising strategies. Even for well-known brands like Colt or Smith & Wesson, bans have been placed on firearm advertising on Facebook, Google, and Youtube, and a number of other media outlets have also stopped running firearm advertisements.1 Digital Agency is not only aware of the challenges eCommerce business owners in the gun industry face, but they are well equipped to overcome them with exceptional and comprehensive marketing for the gun industry.

Companies selling guns also face intense competition; the market, particularly in the United States, is vast in both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. In order to put yourself ahead of the competition in the gun industry, you need an agency who can deliver a comprehensive and purposeful digital marketing strategy. For companies in the gun industry, this means responsive website design, optimized inbound marketing, and targeted social media.  

The Market Landscape for the Gun Industry

The recent shift in the gun industry landscape has gone towards younger, more urban, and female. Recently, new buyers of handguns and firearms fit into one of these three categories. Companies need to match this major shift in consumers with a shift in how they are digitally marketing for the gun industry since their target audience is adapting. With consumers that are younger, urban, or female, comes a whole new host of expectations to an online experience. These consumers expect a website that is optimized for mobile, and digital marketing strategies that younger consumers have come to expect. The unfortunate reality for many firearm websites is that they haven’t implemented either of these expectations. In order for success in the current market landscape for the gun industry, business owners need to adapt their online storefront to meet the needs of their new customer base.

Responsive Website Design

Top 3 Marketing Tips For The Gun Industry to Boost Your ROI

Marketing for the gun industry no longer means just ads in magazines and on television. With a surge in younger customers in the gun industry, it’s important to meet their expectations for a sophisticated, professional, and responsive website design. This means that your website will correctly adapt to changes in browser size and shape, including mobile design. With the rise in online shopping, coupled with the wide use of smartphones in younger generations, they will expect to be able to use your website on whatever internet device they have in front of them. If you don’t meet this expectation, they will be far less likely to become a customer.

We have perfected eCommerce responsive website design at 1 Digital Agency. When we work with you on bringing your website up-to-speed with the latest changes in technology and customer expectations, we will make sure that every page of your online store exceeds proper responsive development standards. This way, whether your customer is leisurely doing some online shopping on their tablet, smartphone, or laptop, they will be able to enjoy a fluid website experience.

Optimized Inbound Marketing

Because of the difficulty in mainstream and traditional advertising avenues, inbound marketing can be a great opportunity for manufacturers and retailers when marketing for the gun industry; many brands in the industry have created effective inbound marketing strategies and have found it yielded excellent results. Inbound marketing is an effective way to increase conversion rates through SEO content creation, offers, forms, etc. An effective inbound marketing strategy will generate content that others will want to share, and therefore, be marketing your products and services for you!

At 1 Digital Agency, we implement a thorough SEO campaign that works to drive traffic to your website in order for you to increase your revenue. We complete an extensive website audit, accompanied by thorough keyword research to get an idea of what your business needs, and how you need to fit into the industry. We will provide advice and solutions for greater website usability and content optimization so that your entire website is working to drive your search engine rankings up. We utilize our content writing team to create informative, knowledgeable, and creative writing for your social media and blog in order to get potential customers reading, and then talking about you.

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Top 3 Marketing Tips For The Gun Industry to Boost Your ROIWith a younger generation, comes an increased interest in social media. With the amount of time, the majority of people spend on social media, any company who isn’t taking advantage of the advertising opportunities that social media brings might as well be throwing money down the drain. And with the rise in new buyers that are female, social media engagement and marketing can be an exceptional way to both utilize that fact for marketing strategies, and to target the female audience.

We know how vital social media marketing is for building your brand and a loyal base of customers. When you are marketing for the gun industry, and you are unable to take advantage of more traditional advertising abilities, turning to social media is going to help open the doors to reaching customers. If you are completely new to social media and need us to start from scratch by helping you set up accounts, or you’re too busy to handle a full-scale social media marketing strategy all by yourself, we can help you out. Whatever your circumstances and to whatever extent you feel you need help with social media marketing and engagement, we will be able to handle it for you. We can offer you help with setting up accounts, creating on-brand designs, creating social content development, and social website integration, all for the purpose of better targeting your target audience and converting them into customers.

Do you need marketing for your company in the gun industry? If you are interested in utilizing our services to help your company compete in the gun industry, or any industry, contact us today or call 888.982.8269! With 1 Digital Agency’s help, you will watch your network, customer base, and ROI grow exponentially.


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