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Three Ways to Target Mobile Users

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Three Ways to Target Mobile Users

While business owners may have shied away from mobile shoppers in the past, they are now too numerous to ignore. According to Shopify’s data, mobile users accounted for over half of ecommerce traffic and a third of their sales in 2014. Here are a few ways that business owners can help make sure that they are providing the best possible mobile experience for their customers.

Choose Responsive Web Design

Consumers in 2015 want a fast and polished web experience and are quick to leave the site if they are presented with anything less. Responsive web design means that the site will adjust and optimize itself for whatever device you are using.

  • Everything will be properly sized so mobile users don’t have to squint to read a paragraph or spend 30 seconds scrolling past a giant image.
  • Creates faster load times on phones and tablets.
  • Web Design is optimized for mobile devices, making sure everything important is highly visible.
  • Ease of use leads to more customers finding what they want and making a purchase.

It may require more work and money upfront, but responsive web design will pay quickly pay for itself by allowing you to reach your entire customer base effectively.

Work to Limit Fraud

Because it is a relatively new and quickly-growing industry, fraud is fairly common in the world of mcommerce. Cybersource’s 2013 Online Fraud Report showed that around 1.4% of mcommerce income is lost to fraud. While it may be impossible to completely eliminate fraud, there are steps you can take to make it a non-issue for your company.

  • Consider opting for two-step authentication, where an order is confirmed with a code that is texted or otherwise personally sent to the customer.
  • Business owners would be wise to choose a service that collects data on mobile users and scans for unusual activity.
  • It is good idea to limit the number of purchases that can be made from a single device in one hour, as this is generally indicative of fraudulent activity.

By taking these steps, one retailer reduced their mcommerce fraud rate from 1% to .003%.

Optimize Calls-to-action for Mobile

In spite of their recent gains, mobile users’ conversion rate still lags behind that of desktop users. Business owners can take a few steps to help close that gap.

  • Making calls-to-action big and colorful makes it easier for the customer to find and select.
  • Make sure they are easy to find and not buried under content so as many people see it as possible.
  • Use simple, unambiguous language so customers know exactly what they are doing.
  • Adding a click-to-call button at your checkout lessens the chance that a user will get frustrated and abandon their purchase at the very end, something more common on mobile than desktop.

Mobile users are now too big a force to ignore for business owners. Taking these steps will help make sure that you are providing all of your customers with the best possible ecommerce experience you can.

Image Credit: JohnnyMrNinja

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