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Three Last-Minute Ways to Court Holiday Customers

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Three Last-Minute Ways to Court Holiday Customers

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You don’t have to be Warren Buffett to know that the holiday season is the most important time of the year for ecommerce retail businesses. RJMetrics’ 2015 Ecommerce Holiday Trends report  confirmed this, showing that these two months still generate 30% more activity than non-holiday months and that business owners earn 50-100% more revenue in between Black Friday and Christmas.

Unfortunately, it’s already a little late for many of the things business owners do to prepare for the holidays. Competitors have likely had their SEO campaigns running for months and their designers create wintry calls-to-action weeks ago. Thankfully, there’s still hope. Here are 3 last-minute steps business owners can take to get the most out of the upcoming holiday season:

Free Shipping

Free shipping is one of the best ways to attract holiday customers. According to Kissmetrics, 66% of shoppers ranked free shipping as the factor most likely to lead them to place an order from that store. That’s ahead of ease of use, low prices and product options. 65% also recommended a store to their friend because of their free shipping policies. Whether it is a limited-time offer that covers all orders or something offered once customers pass a price threshold, free shipping is too attractive to consumers to not implement on your site.

Update Important Information

Does your FAQ include your holiday return policy? Are all the phone numbers and email addresses listed on your website up to date and manned? Outdated information is a huge source of frustration for shoppers and leads to customers leaving your site before checking out their purchases. Make sure you have accurate holiday information listed somewhere easy to find on your website. The more information the better; customers are more likely to buy if they feel the company they are patronizing is being open about their policies.

Make Gift Guides

Let’s be honest: On a certain level, we all kind of hate the holidays. Buying gifts you don’t know will be appreciated, spending time with family members who drive you crazy, traveling long distances while everyone else in the country is trying to do the same—it can all be a nightmare.

Because of the season’s stress, holiday shoppers are desperate for an easy shopping experience. You can help them out by making a list of gift ideas. See what has sold well in the past during the season and use it to inform your guide. Make sure to include a couple price points and descriptions of who may find the gifts might appeal to to draw in a wide audience. Aside from just guiding shoppers in their purchases, it will help draw in hits from people searching terms like “christmas gift ideas.” Make sure to include some sort of gift card option for people who are impossible to shop for!

This gift guide comes from Miss Moss and is a great example of how much they can catch a customer’s guide

Even though holiday shopping is already in full swing, business owners can still take a few steps that will help bring in customers. Make sure you do everything you can to take advantage of the most wonderful time of the year.

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