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Thinking About an eCommerce Site Migration?

eCommerce Migration Services

If you feel as if your eCommerce platform is no longer the best fit for your business, it may be time to consider migrating your entire website. An eCommerce site migration is sometimes necessary to give your online store the functionality and resources needed in order to stay competitive.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to migrate off of the platform you are currently on. You do, however, want to analyze the needs of your business and decide if it is the best possible choice, and this quick guide will help you do just that. If your store seriously requires a migration, it’s important to understand your options and move forward with a gameplan sooner rather than later.

While the success of your eCommerce business certainly doesn’t hinge on which platform you use, the absence of certain features or poor infrastructure could be holding your business back and causing unnecessary headaches. If you can avoid hassle and streamline your business, this will only make it easier to grow and focus on pleasing your customers rather than wrestling with software.

The first step toward initiating the migration process is deciding if a migration is even necessary in the first place. Depending on the needs of your business, custom development may be the preferred option rather than leaving your current platform completely. On the other hand, there’s also no sense in trying to force something that isn’t there when you could simply migrate your website and enjoy far better support and functionality than you ever had before.

How to Know When an eCommerce Site Migration is Necessary

There are several valid reasons why you would want to consider an eCommerce site migration, but it ultimately comes down to whether or not the platform you are on is helping or hindering your business. You shouldn’t have to wrestle with your platform or settle for poor functionality.

Your eCommerce platform should be a seamless part of your business, helping you to achieve sales goals, build your brand, and find success online. If you feel stifled or limited in any way, it is probably time to make the switch. Make a list of all of the different pain points you are experiencing with your current platform and consider whether or not these issues could be solved by replatforming.

Each eCommerce platform differs in what they offer in terms of infrastructure for your store, integrations, cart features, and themes. You might have to do a little digging if you want to get a clear picture as to which platform may suit the needs of your business best. If you are unsure of how to go about this process, we would be happy to set up an eCommerce migration consultation with you.

Taking the initiative by switching to another platform now will pay off down the road. Do what’s best for the longevity of your business, and if that means switching to a different platform that has the features you need, then this is the natural course of action you should take.

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Taking the right steps now for your store is what will lead to success down the road.

Since a successful migration involves a great deal of technical expertise as well as a deep understanding of eCommerce and web development in general, you want to make sure to reach out to an adept agency like ours that can help guide you through the process and take on the entire migration for you if necessary. What you don’t want is to leave this all-too-important process up to amateurs that will bungle your data or cause an extended site outage.

Which brings us to the following point, how difficult is a website migration and how should you prepare for one if this is the course of action that you want to take?

Is an eCommerce Website Migration Difficult?

You might be concerned that an eCommerce site migration is just a bit too ambitious for you and that you lack the knowledge or resources to pull it off. You shouldn’t let the complexities of the task influence your decision, however, as migrations are fairly common and happen all the time. As websites grow or change, they require different functionality, better pricing plans, faster servers, and more advanced features.

For an elite eCommerce development agency like 1Digital®, migrations are simply a necessary and important aspect of doing business online. When a migration project is handled by true professionals, there is no risk of losing any of your store’s functionality or data. While the prospect of moving from one platform to another may seem daunting, our process streamlines and demystifies everything for a smooth transition.

One of the most important aspects of going through with a migration project is understanding which parts of your online store should be carried over to the new platform and which parts are unnecessary or can’t be transferred because they are platform-specific. While we can help unravel some of these points for you during a consultation, it is beneficial to take a hard look at your current site and think about your needs.

Whether you are only interested in data migration and intend on completely changing the face of your store with a new theme and brand new functionality or if you want to carry over your entire website page-for-page, with all of its current functionality and special features, having an idea of what you want beforehand is important. This way, you can make the transition seamlessly and have no regrets about the decision.

Not Confident in Your Current Platform?

If you have been having doubts about your current platform for any reason, we can help you make the switch as easy as possible. There is an incredible selection of amazing eCommerce platforms out there on the market right now that offer store owners a wide variety of powerful features and plans to help them succeed online. If you feel as if the eCommerce platform you are currently on is not cutting it, there’s no reason to stick around.

In light of recent events in the world of eCommerce, migrating may be the best answer for your business. With amazing platforms like Shopify recently announcing a partnership with Walmart, and Austin-based BigCommerce recently going public and raising $216 Million in its first day, it’s safe to say that there are powerful solutions out there for store owners who want to take that next step and grow on a sustainable platform that shows promise.

Staying on a platform that doesn’t meet all of your needs or that feels stagnant is pointless and will only serve to limit the growth of your business. Whether the platform you are on doesn’t provide enough support or if the company itself seems headed in the wrong direction, it’s important to know that there are plenty of great eCommerce platform options out there and that you never have to settle for one that doesn’t fit your business or doesn’t give you what you need.

If you’ve been thinking about an eCommerce site migration and need more insight as to what the process would entail, how much it would cost, or which platform might be best for your store, you can easily reach out to us at 888.982.8269 and we’ll help answer your questions.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what goes into platform and data migrations, we have a comprehensive guide that covers all of the key aspects of the migration process, as well as insights from our experts on the key benefits of migration and who should consider one.