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The landscape of Pennsylvania has been constantly changing over the last decade. The commonwealth had an almost bucolic feel that stood in stark contrast with the bursting city life of Philly and the steel-core sobriety of Pittsburgh.

The Lehigh Valley has historically been a major manufacturing hub and was a huge source of raw materials for many industries in the U.S., such as mineral ores, timber, and construction materials. However, by the end of the 20th century, much of that activity had ceased, leaving behind massive industrial skeletons and memories of great hustle and bustle that contributed to the growth of the nation. However, the dormant energies, those that once reigned uncontested, seem to be rising once again taking a new shape.

The strategic position of Philadelphia has turned it into a huge magnet for businesses that want to expand their reach, or simply need to reposition their operations to widen their profit margins.

Perceptive Philadelphia SEO companies recently noticed that many landowners in the Valley were growing a new kind of crop: warehouses and fulfillment centers. Massive distribution facilities are sprouting up in old farm fields, and you can see them lining up alongside highways and roads across the Lehigh Valley area. It is too soon to know if warehouse fields will replace the crops and resources that feed the manufacturing industries. However, the impact this will have on our economy can´t be ignored.

Geographically, the location has clear advantages. The area is merely 80 miles from New York, the largest concentration of internet buyers in our country, yet one of the most expensive real estate markets. Project developers crunched their numbers and found that building warehouse space in the Empire State was simply out of the question. ECommerce businesses that are fighting the last-mile battle to reach their customers’ doors more quickly are now flooding Pennsylvania with warehouses and fulfillment centers, which will bring in higher wages and more job opportunities. Additionally, this shift will lower shipping and return costs, giving eCommerce businesses the ability to shorten delivery times and generate higher profits. This new retail space is not only being leveraged by local businesses. Brands around the globe have shown great interest in establishing a more noticeable online presence with the help of Philadelphia SEO companies.

But cheaper land and accidental geographical location do not seem to be reasons enough for this surge in warehouse development across the land. Indeed, the Philadelphia SEO scene had been preparing the field for years and it is now bearing fruit.

Why the Sudden Interest in Pennsylvania?

Much of this is rooted in the fact that there has been a big shift in our country’s economy. Moreover, Pennsylvania is rapidly becoming a massive eCommerce Hub, backed both by its highly skilled workforce and the savoir-faire of incredible experts who provide digital marketing services, like SEO in Philadelphia.

For example, 2020 made it evident that those who understood the importance of SEO long-term strategy had better chances of surviving when the market shifted to a digital-first economy. Both mom-and-pop shops and big brands soon scrambled to build online storefronts to cater to a literally captive audience, with many coming too late to the race. Only those who were quick to adapt could withstand the economic shock. But the writing had been on the wall for many years, and far-sighted business owners did not want to wait for a crisis to seek out help from SEO services in Philadelphia.

On the other hand, Philadelphia SEO companies that were smart enough to leverage the eCommerce boom that currently drives the massive growth experienced in Pennsylvania, inadvertently made the state an epicenter for eCommerce distribution.

Over the last 10 years, 1Digital Agency has helped hundreds of businesses establish a solid online presence in many cities across the nation. Our consultants could not have expected the sudden shift in shopping behavior we experienced in 2020, increasing the demand for online shopping several times over. However, they sensed something big was brewing as Shopify, BigCommerce, and other platforms showed huge growth numbers in eCommerce transactions. We made sure our clients were thoroughly informed and encouraged them to increase their focus on their digital marketing operations and overall online presence.

Given the unfolding of unprecedented events during 2020, we realized how right we were. Within a span of seven months, the growth of digital commerce was pushed at least ten years into the future. The success of our customers spurred huge growth in demand for their products and services, and we experienced a spike in the demand for SEO services in Philadelphia and other parts of the country as brands started noticing that Pennsylvania was the place to be. Our hard work and commitment even earned 1Digital Agency a spot among the best SEO company for Bigcommerce and Shopify customization, optimization, and marketing according to online sales guru Neil Patel.

Growth in local commercial development and demand are both growing, and it is undeniable that the success of SEO in Pennsylvania as a marketing strategy for organic growth has contributed to changing the landscape in the Lehigh Valley. The local economy has shifted from a primary emphasis on manufacturing and agricultural produce to one that leads the field in competitive digital marketing solutions at breakneck speeds. 1Digital Agency is proud of playing a part in this change by helping to lead the way, enabling our clients to grow their businesses in creative, effective ways using leading digital marketing techniques.

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