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The Evolution of Our Brand Image

Brand image is more than just a look or a name. Your business’ brand is an abstract concept that encompasses every aspect of public opinion regarding your business. From the look of your landing page to the language of your press releases, the idea of your brand is so broad that it can be hard to edit or control.

Here at 1Digital Agency, we understand how difficult it can be to define your brand and we are here to help in any way we can. One of the best ways to give customers a snapshot of your business is through the look and feel of your eCommerce pages. What they say about first impressions is true, and half the battle when defining a brand image is making that first impression accurate to what you’re trying to convey. Creating a website that reflects your brand identity will help the public understand your business.

As an eCommerce agency, 1Digital has had to constantly evolve our brand image to remain on the cutting edge of modern design aesthetics. We know that a website that looks like a copy and pasted generic theme does not inspire confidence in our design skills, so we work tirelessly to keep our page current so clients know that we can help them achieve similar results.

Though no single aspect of our website can represent the entire scope of our brand image, we’re looking at our logos over the years as a microcosm for how our brand has changed.


Our original logo featured our entire name and a blue color gradient, which was popular at the time. When choosing how we wanted clients to perceive our brand, we used our logo to highlight the “1” in 1Digital Agency.


After three years, trends began to change and our logo had to change with it. We removed the gradient and opted for a solid white and grey logo instead. This new logo helped give our brand a more distinct presence. We also added a registered trademark to increase the sense of legitimacy tied to our brand.


As we continued to move forward and sleek simple logos started to become more popular, we dropped “Agency” from our logo. This made our brand easier to remember and faster to read. In addition to making our logo simple and distinct, we bought back the blue color to our logo. Instead of a blue gradient like our original logo, we used a deeper “corporate blue”.


This year we decided to completely change the look of our logo to be a better fit for our website redesign. Our new round logo is not only easier to read, but much easier to identify at a glance. The straightforward design uses a brighter blue to give a fresh take on our brand that is more in line with modern design aesthetics.

All of these logos are milestones in the evolution of our brand image and as styles change, we are excited to continue to evolve with them. If your company’s brand image is starting to feel stale, our agency can help you find a fresh new look. Whether its a new logo or a complete redesign, changing your look can make a huge difference in how customers and potential customers view your brand. Update your image today with the help of our expert eCommerce design team.