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The Basic Ingredients of Lead Generation Design and SEO

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The Basic Ingredients of Lead Generation Design and SEO

How We Designed and Optimized Our Website to Capture Leads

lead generation design

Though we specialize in eCommerce, 1Digital® works with many clients for whom selling a product, while certainly nice, is not the main focus of their website. A lot of merchants we provide advice to, sell both products and services, like an HVAC site that sells equipment and tune-up appointments. Other merchants sell products as a service, like a gift box sent out via a monthly subscription. For these types of merchants generating a conversion isn’t as important as generating a lead. Fortunately, they happen to be talking to a web design agency that needs to do the exact same thing! Lead generation design and lead generation SEO are the backbones of our business. So, while we wouldn’t normally toot our own horn this way, this case study will delve into the 1Digital Agency website and talk about some of the ways that our design, and the SEO optimization of that design, helps to generate interest in our services in the hope that some of these tactics can help you too.

Hubspot defines lead generation as, “the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.” That is what every pixel on the 1Digital Agency website, including this blog, is designed to do. The site is carefully crafted to give our visitors every opportunity to get in touch with us, whether they fill out a contact form, send an email, call the office, or send us a carrier pigeon.

Call to Action

The most basic and most essential concept in lead generation design is the CTA, the Call to Action. A CTA is defined simply by Wikipedia as “an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response.” In web design, different elements of the design serve as visual CTAs. When a customer takes the action prompted by a CTA then your site has generated a lead. But just because they’re a basic part of every lead generation design doesn’t mean they’re simple. If your site needs to generate leads, you should put your utmost attention into how and where you deploy CTAs. Let’s look at the 1Digital® site as an example.

call to action examples

You can see here that our sticky header has three calls to action, one by phone and one that goes through the site. This small white bar will follow the user wherever they go on the site so that there are at least three easily useable CTAs on the screen at all times.

cta examples

You can also see that the CTA placement and messaging are varied across the site. Every user is going to behave slightly differently. We want to diversify our CTA portfolio to capture every kind of user behavior.

CTAs don’t have to go straight to lead generation, either. You can also use CTAs to entice the user to read further and take in more of your sales pitch if they’re not quite ready to get in touch. Different types of CTAs, strategically placed, can lead users down a particular funnel for whichever service they’ve come to your site to explore.

Dynamic Messaging

Like CTAs should be varied for different types of user behavior, your messaging should also be diverse to capture all different types of customers. Simple messages, across your site, will remind users what you do. Changing up the wording slightly, or highlighting a slightly different service, will increase your chances that the right message will reach the right audience.

lead generation messaging

On the 1Digital® site, we have slightly different audiences for marketing work, design work or development work. You can see above how the site tweaks it’s messaging slightly in different areas to pitch to one of those 3 audiences. Each short message is general enough to work for all three but specific enough to callout one type of lead we’d like to generate. You can also see that each message is paired with a unique CTA to allow a user to take immediate action based on that specific pitch.

Lead Generation SEO

In order for any of these design elements to have a chance to work in the first place, you’ll need to bring potential leads back to the site. When you consider what kind of organic search audience you’re going to target, think about what the CTA’s and the messaging on your site is already designed to do. Just like you tailor the lead generation design on a page to convert a particular audience, you should optimize the different pages on your site to rank for relevant audiences. It may seem self-evident to match like with like, but you can run into some hard choices about what pages to optimize for which terms, because the space in your meta descriptions, title tags, and headings is so limited.

lead generation seo

Take our design page, for example. You can already see that the CTAs and the messaging are tailored to an audience that is on the lookout for design services. Now take a look at the terms we’ve chosen to use in the very limited space afforded by the meta description and title tag of this page. We can’t fit every design service we offer in there, so we’ve decided to concentrate on pairing the search terms ‘design service’ and ‘custom design’ with the names of the most popular platforms we work on. This is set up to attract visitors which are looking for design service and also have a site on one of those platforms, the most relevant visitors to the messaging and the CTAs that we’ve curated for this page. If you’re interested you can read more about lead generation SEO in another piece of mine on the 1Digital® Blog.

Concrete Benefits

Well written marketing messaging can certainly take you a long way, but at some point, you’re going to need to get down to brass tacks and prove why your service is worth requesting more information about. The way you go about this will depend on the kind of service you offer. Customer testimonials are a tried and true tactic that will work across almost any industry and one that we use in our eCommerce sites as well.

We’ve gotten more specific than that by including some actual metrics that some of our clients have seen improve since using our services. A tangible example of a benefit is great if you have one to present. You’ll see that the other half of that section links to a case study, like this one. We use case studies as a more detailed demonstration of concrete benefits experienced by other clients who have hired 1Digital®. You can also see a simple CTA button in this section which affords the user the opportunity to explore more examples of concrete benefits if they’re interested.

Contact Forms

Let’s say that you’ve done everything above right and now the user is interested. Your site is about the generate a lead, but not yet. One of the most crucial parts of the process is the contact form that the user will fill out in order to give you their information. The goal is to make this form as easy as possible, which often means making it as short as possible. It’s nice to get a lot of information from a lead, but if you ask for too much work from your customers upfront, it will hurt your contact form’s conversion rate. We recommend just getting the bare essentials via your contact form and collecting the rest when you reach out to the new lead.

contact form

Our contact form appears in a popup when certain CTA buttons are clicked. It’s 6 fields long, 5 of which are mandatory, with an option to attach a file. It’s integrated with our CRM to put new submissions directly into our database. You can also see that it provides a second option for users who prefer to call in, once again providing multiple options for multiple types of user behavior.

There’s more than one way to create a conversion. If your site needs to attract clients more than it needs to make sales it may be worth thinking about if your design is focused on lead generation. The lead generation design professionals at 1Digital Agency can help evaluate the placement of your CTAs, your messaging, your contact form and anything else that can entice visitors to get in touch with you. We can let you in on a few tricks of the trade because we’ve been practicing those same tricks for years.

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