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How We Designed and Optimized Our Website to Capture Leads

lead generation design

Though we specialize in eCommerce, 1Digital® works with many clients for whom selling a product, while certainly nice, is not the main focus of their website. A lot of merchants we provide advice to, sell both products and services, like an HVAC site that sells equipment and tune-up appointments. Other merchants sell products as a service, like a gift box sent out via a monthly subscription. For these types of merchants generating a conversion isn’t as important as generating a lead. Fortunately, they happen to be talking to a web design agency that needs to do the exact same thing! Lead generation design and lead generation SEO are the backbones of our business. So, while we wouldn’t normally toot our own horn this way, this case study will delve into the 1Digital Agency website and talk about some of the ways that our design, and the SEO optimization of that design, helps to generate interest in our services in the hope that some of these tactics can help you too.

Hubspot defines lead generation as, “the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.” That is what every pixel on the 1Digital Agency website, including this blog, is designed to do. The site is carefully crafted to give our visitors every opportunity to get in touch with us, whether they fill out a contact form, send an email, call the office, or send us a carrier pigeon.

Call to Action

The most basic and most essential concept in lead generation design is the CTA, the Call to Action. A CTA is defined simply by Wikipedia as “an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response.” In web design, different elements of the design serve as visual CTAs. When a customer takes the action prompted by a CTA then your site has generated a lead. But just because they’re a basic part of every lead generation design doesn’t mean they’re simple. If your site needs to generate leads, you should put your utmost attention into how and where you deploy CTAs. Let’s look at the 1Digital® site as an example.

call to action examples

You can see here that our sticky header has three calls to action, one by phone and one that goes through the site. This small white bar will follow the user wherever they go on the site so that there are at least three easily useable CTAs on the screen at all times.

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