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Content is one of the largest driving forces behind search engine optimization. The correct balance of keywords, word count, and the domain authority of your host will all help your clients climb the search results. While it may seem simple to type up a blog or other types of content and link it back to your site, there is much more to creating quality content.

One of the challenges when writing good SEO content is matching the feel of that content to the client in question. Writing a dry, matter of fact, article or blog post may be appropriate if the business in question is very no-nonsense. Some businesses will want you to create a more personal or fun atmosphere in their content. Here are a few tips to use to gauge the voice of your content:

  • Think about the intended audience
  • Make a list of terms you want to avoid
  • Determine if you want to use a casual or formal voice
  • Get examples of content you would like to emulate

In order to create informed content, you may also have to do research. There are two avenues to go down when it comes to researching for your business. If you are writing content for the business you work for, it may be easiest to ask your boss about their products or services. For businesses with huge inventories, researching products online can be a huge help. Once you have enough information to write informed SEO content, you can get started.

 A simple way to minimize edits and make sure your content will match your business is to create a reference sheet. Having a document on hand with information about the business and what they want out of your SEO content will make it much easier to remember if you should throw in a joke or try using less complicated sentence structures. Once you start producing content, asking your boss for notes is one of the best ways to get a concrete idea of what they want.  Take any edits to heart and make sure that future pieces of content emulate past pieces of approved content.

Good writing will make your employer happy, but you also need to make sure you’re producing high-quality SEO content using the target keywords. Another way to increase the SEO value of the pieces you’re writing is to use supplemental keywords. There are several applications that can recommend related keywords based on what keyword you are targeting. Incorporating as many of these secondary keywords as possible will improve the SEO value of the content. This will provide greater SEO equity when building links and help your client’s SEO success.

If you are trying your hand at SEO content writing, following these simple tips can help you get the most out of your SEO strategy. The world of digital marketing can be challenging and knowing the intricacies of content writing can help simplify the process of creating a successful SEO campaign. Here at 1Digital, we have a team of writers and marketing professionals that know all of the ins and outs of SEO. If you are struggling to produce effective content for your business, our team can help create a comprehensive strategy including expert content writing.


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Logan is a content creator at 1Digital® Agency who specializes in SEO marketing. When he's not delving into the world of eCommerce, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors,  working in his woodshop, and curling up with a good book.

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