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Why Your Website Design Matters for PPC Success

Most people think of PPC as a fast track to building traction with search engines, a way to
PPC pay per click

What Makes a Sustainable PPC Strategy

Many businesses put a PPC campaign to work because of the control. It is easy to measure ad

The Benefits of Using a Digital Agency for Your Marketing Efforts

Any business owner or entrepreneur knows the importance of marketing for their business. It helps provide the voice

Message of Brand Rings Loud and Clear for Casa M Spice Co™

Casa M Spice Co™ took their spice blends to the Texas State Fair on Oct. 21 and had

Amazon PPC: Reach the Biggest Crowd

In the eCommerce world, there is always competition, and the king of the castle is Amazon. It’s common

Casa M Spice: The Essence of Spice

Recently, the owners of Casa M Spice Co., Mike and Manny Hernandez, contacted 1Digital Agency seeking a custom

Could Your Business Use the Help of Cooperative Marketing?

Benefits of Co-Op Marketing When money is tight, it’s important to exhaust all possible options for your business.

Does Your Industrial Business Have the Visibility it Needs to Succeed?

SEO For The Industrial Industry Working in the Industrial or Construction Industry can be a tough job, and

Facebook PPC: The Next eCommerce Trend

What’s the Future of eCommerce and Facebook? Facebook and eCommerce have gone hand in hand for quite some
digital marketing

Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

It’s tough out there on the internet. You’re competing against millions of other websites from companies based all
google shopping

Google Shopping — Why You Need It

You’ve probably heard that Google Shopping (sometimes called Product Listing Ads, it’s the same thing for our purposes)

Calculating Maximum Bid per Click

Larger eCommerce stores have immense data coming in from larger volumes of products sold and customers who place

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