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What is M Commerce? Is it Different from eCommerce?

M-Commerce is the new buzzword in the eCommerce SEO world and has been making the rounds for quite
July 22, 2021

New Focus in Mobile ECommerce Is on Streamlining the Process

Shopify Looks to Make Mobile ECommerce Even Easier With “Shopcodes” Last week, Shopify made a seemingly minor announcement
October 4, 2017

5 Reasons Your Brand Desperately Needs a Mobile App

A Mobile App Isn’t Just for Big Brands There seems to be a belief among eCommerce companies that
September 6, 2017

What Can Online Stores Learn From the Expansion of Facebook Marketplace?

The Beginnings of Facebook Marketplace Facebook Marketplace has been around for years, though it previously existed as a
September 6, 2017

Omnichannel Retail — What is it? Do I Need it?

If you’re keeping up to date on your eCommerce industry blogs, you’ve probably heard the buzz about omnichannel
January 8, 2016