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How To Strengthen Your Email Marketing Tactics

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How To Strengthen Your Email Marketing Tactics

Email Marketing

When unlocking the potential of Email Marketing, remember that incentivized content is key. Think of email marketing as the modern day equivalent of direct marketing. As flyers and other assorted promotions were once delivered to your mailbox, today it can be sent directly to your inbox. While this can be a powerful communication medium between you and your consumers, make sure that those subscribing to your newsletters have a genuine reason to read.

Every subscriber of your newsletter will have at least some degree of interest in your company’s product or service, otherwise, they wouldn’t have visited your website in the first place. Even if they’re not going to convert into a customer right away, you can still engage them by enticing them to sign up for exclusive content, offers, and promotions. By displaying the distinct value of your newsletter you are appealing to the perspective of the user interested in your product or service, not just pre-existing customers. This can be expedited by avoiding the generic term “sign up” when encouraging users to subscribe. Unless you wine and dine your visitors before attempting to sell them on a newsletter subscription, they will likely intentionally avoid your form fields, because who needs more spam flooding their inbox?

You’re not sending spam.

Once you have the email address of your user, make sure you live up to the promises made to your subscribers. If you continuously spam your readers with irrelevant information they will opt out since the content is no longer useful. Send recipients insightful updates on the latest trends and statistics within your industry. Content should provide a cohesive message with clear value. When done correctly email marketing can be incredibly effective at driving readers to your website to make a purchase.  Successful email campaigns tend to deliver:

      High-quality imagery

      Concise messaging

      Clear call-to-action

      Mobile responsive design

      Captivating subject line

      Links to other content (promote your website, blog, social media, etc.)

Personalize where possible

My name is Ian, copywriter, bassist, and traveler. What a lot of marketers fail to understand is that no one, marketers and consumers alike, wants to be treated as a nameless face. Come introduce yourself on Facebook or Twitter!

Email automation is a necessary element of every newsletter (Mailchimp, Mailify, etc.) but just because you can’t send every email individually doesn’t mean you should become reliant on the software. Rather than sending the same email to everyone, use the feedback you’re receiving to segment your newsletters. Use subscriber management programs to cut out the busy work that comes with crafting and sending out an email marketing campaign, but don’t let it overpower your digital footprint.

Leave some breathing room

Your readers want to hear from you, it’s why they subscribed to your newsletter in the first place, but there is such a thing as overkill. 54% of the average person’s inbox is filled by promotional emails. If you’re sending multiple emails each week it will feel like you are harassing your readers. I personally have unsubscribed from many emails because of the imbalance between quality content and good-hearted (yet meaningless) spam. In order to effectively engage your audience, send newsletters out no more than once a week, but no less than once a month.

Email newsletter design

Email marketing delivers one of the highest ROI’s of any eCommerce marketing activity. If you’re not actively building an email list and using it, you should be. 1Digital Agency can help by designing you an eCommerce newsletter that harmonizes with your brand, and converts subscribers into customers. Our eCommerce newsletters are designed to be stylish, professional, and effective, with call to action copy that’s focused on conversion. We’ll design your newsletter in HTML so you can customize offers, images, and copy for future email blasts.

Email blast management

We can serve as your newsletter management team, creating a new newsletter each week for special offers, corporate events, industry news, and advertorials. Just give us the offer and direction, and our creative team will come up with beautiful representative designs that are eye-catching and designed to engage and convert – increasing your sales and conveying your brand positively and consistently.

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