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Spring Cleaning Your Website

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Spring Cleaning Your Website


It’s time to emerge from the long dark winter and open up the windows for some fresh air and sunshine. You now have the energy to make the updates and throw away the clutter you have been mulling over. Traditional spring cleaning happens annually. Cleaning your website should happen far more often, but hey, now’s a great time! Below are some things to consider when sprucing up your site. Each task has a recommended time frame and frequency depending on the importance. Take advantage and start writing your website’s spring cleaning to-do list.


It’s time to throw away those old christmas cards. When going through your site, it’s important to check for outdated and time specific information. If you still have pictures from your holiday party online in July, it’s not going to be perceived as “Christmas in July”, but rather an outdated site that no one updates. Try to focus on events within the last month and post any upcoming dates. Establish periodic check-ins to keep things fresh. This also applies to older products and sales promotion that you are no longer running. Check in with time sensitive information every 2-3 weeks and set reminders to take things down.


Change the decorations in the entryway often. In many cases, your home page is the first thing that visitors will see. If it always looks the same it can become quite boring or even ugly if it’s outdated. Try adding new visuals monthly to keep it dynamic. You can also add links to new blog articles or feature a new product that you did not have before. Any major or current sales should always be added to the homepage.


Consider some new curtains. If you are working outside a template or have access to the code, making visual changes to the surface of your website is a good way to keep things looking modern and fresh. Perhaps you add a new banner or adjust the site’s fonts. Change this 2-4 times a year.


It may be time to replace that old smelly recliner. Sometimes cleaning up a site on the surface can reveal more unfortunate coding issues. According to search engines, it is important to make sure that your site is optimal for the user. If you need to make more structural coding changes, such as navigation changes or a shopping cart update, try unveiling these changes in stages. Through google analytics, you can monitor if the changes that you are making are helping or hurting your site. Only make large changes after determining the most frequently visited areas on your site. You want to know why you are changing something before you do it. Basically, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Check to make sure your foundation is sturdy. Although you only signed up for some light cleaning and rearranging, you are actually going to need to make a serious overhaul if your site is not responsive. Responsive web design is becoming more popular than ever because, most internet users are searching and shopping for products on mobile phones and devices. Instead of just affecting one part of your code like the other changes mentioned, responsive design actually needs to be implemented throughout the code.


Other things to consider:

  • Check for broken links twice a year.
  • Don’t forget to update your blog weekly.
  • Add any new social media and add your location in maps.
  • Notify your server if you move pages so it can redirect.
  • Do not change major things too often as this could lead to frustrated visitors.
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