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Social media engagement is no longer optional

If you’re not maintaining a presence on social media, you’ll appear disengaged, impersonal, and unapproachable compared to your competitors who are. Not only is social media important for your customers and clients, it’s also critical for SEO performance. Our social media marketing and optimization services are scalable, cost effective and fully managed. At 1Digital Agency we can be as involved as you need us to be in your social media footprint. We’ve done everything from setting up accounts, to running fully coordinated and strategized engagement campaigns. Your business needs a personality, we can make sure it shines on social media.

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Social Account Creation Facebook Cover Design Twitter Background Design Twitter Header Design Google+ Cover Design Keyword Based Profile Content Writing Facebook Applications

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Editorial Calendar Backlinks Posts per Week for Facebook & Google+ Tweets per Week Sharing in Google+ Communities Pin Images (Images Provided by Client) Backlinking with Photo Pinning Detailed Work Report Custom Pinboard


How well does your website flow? We’ll provide ideas that will gently float every user towards the ‘Add to Cart’ button.


Detailed Work Report Insight/Analytics Average Sentiments ROI Measurement

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Why do you need a social media strategy

Social media engagement is critical for eCommerce businesses large and small. Web stores thrive on repeat business. After all, it costs 7 times more to get a new customer as it does to keep an old one. An engaged social media following is essential for building your brand, as well as your base of loyal customers.

Ready to get serious about social media?

Social Media Marketing is one of the most critical touch points in digital marketing. It’s critical for branding, engagement, education and sales. Many of 1Digital’s clients are active in Social Media marketing and reap the rewards of expanding their digital footprint. Not only is social an indicator for Google, it’s a vital indicator and growth opportunity for eCommerce merchants, and business that are serious in gaining customers and engaging their audiences. 1Digital can build a bespoke Social Media campaign that can help you gain traction and benefit from all the fruits that SM brings.

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Ecommerce SEO

If you work in eCommerce, you know that an eCommerce web store is not your typical website. The same goes for eCommerce SEO. eCommerce sites can have dozens, or hundreds or thousands of product and category specific content fields, which can raise or tank your search rankings, depending on how they’re handled.

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PPC Marketing

Our PPC experts have the experience to bespoke a top performing PPC strategy that will make your business stand out and outbid competitors while spending less money in the process. That’s because we take the time to get to know your eCommerce business, your goals, your competitors, and your unique challenges, before we start planning. Then we activity test and track your metrics and data.

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