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Shopify Plus offers its merchants a lot of options when it comes to building their own web store. However, like all eCommerce platforms, Shopify Plus has its limitations and its unique back-end nuances that may hinder your efforts when it comes to creating the perfect and seamless online store for your business. One of the ways in which your company can get around these platform difficulties is with the help of a preferred Shopify Plus partner.

With a Shopify Plus partner, you get an agency that not only knows everything there is to know about the Shopify Plus platform, but you also get an agency that works closely with the team at Shopify to ensure our clients are getting the most benefits. With Shopify Plus experts working throughout all aspects of our projects, 1Digital Agency is the preferred Shopify Plus partner you need to get your web store ranking successfully with proper and effective design, development, and marketing that encourages users to keep coming back for more.


Through the Shopify partner program, Shopify + partners have exclusive insider knowledge into resources, training, updates, features, and events provided by Shopify. This insider knowledge paired with close relationships with Shopify managers offers Shopify Plus merchants the chance to work with highly skilled agencies that can offer their businesses the most customizations and the best methods and sources for success.

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As a preferred Shopify + partner, 1Digital Agency builds close relationships with the Shopify team and meets with them regularly in order to stay up to date on all the latest platform updates and changes. The eCommerce world is constantly evolving, and in order to stay at the top of your industry, you need to be sure that your efforts and the work being built into your eCommerce sites are evolving too.

Many digital marketing agencies dabble in all kinds of different specifications. At 1Digital Agency, however, our niche is eCommerce. All of the effort we put into proving our clients with the best tools, resources, and knowledge is based on the fact that we not only get them ranking highly within their industry but that we also help to increase conversions by providing their customers with the information and access they’re looking for. Whether its design and development built for UX and UI or SEO and marketing to get more site visits and users, 1Digital Agency is a full-service agency that can take your Shopify Plus store and turn it into a leading source of products, services, and information.

  • Website Updates and Enhancements
  • Plugin and 3rd Party Issues and Updates
  • Graphic Design Work
  • Website Bugs & Issues
  • Custom Integration
  • Custom Coding
  • API development
  • Consulting
Shopify Plus Designer


Web design is one of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website. A good Shopify Plus web design is what draws users in and encourages them to keep exploring. It boosts brand awareness, increases trust, and provides a great user interface that will boost user experience and increase conversions.

Shopify Plus Development


Design and development go hand in hand. Without development, you have a web design that doesn’t do anything. Without design, you have a site that works but doesn’t encourage any users to stay and explore. Keeping UX and UI in mind, 1Digital can provide you with all the Shopify Plus development work you might need from API integration to responsive and mobile app development, migration and more.

Shopify + SEO Partner


SEO is necessary for any eCommerce site. Good, white-hat Shopify SEO builds trusted backlinks and provides quality information that tells Google you are a trusted source within your industry. Once this is established, an aggressive SEO campaign will continue to help your website rise in rankings which will ultimately lead to an increase in site visits, users, and conversions.

Shopify Development


Along with SEO, other digital marketing efforts like email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC will only aid in getting visibility and traction. If you need a marketing agency to help get your website ranking, 1Digital can help. As Shopify partners and experts, we can implement the proper marketing techniques to bring in new users for an increase in conversions and customer retention.

Shopify Store Designer


If your business is experiencing a high volume of traffic and you are looking into migrating to a enterprise level platform like Shopify Plus, let 1Digital help. We’ve conducted countless data and platform migrations to Shopify Plus from a variety of different platforms. With our hands-on expertise and insight, we’ll conduct and complete a seamless migration for flawless performance.

Shopify+ Integration


As a full-service agency, 1Digital Agency is the preferred Shopify Plus partner you want to conduct everything you need from design and development to optimization and marketing. Our niche is eCommerce and our experts are constantly studying the latest updates and trends so that we can stay on top of all online commerce solutions for a satisfying and successful customer experience.

Shopify Plus Partner Services

Top Shopify Plus Partner Services


Shopping is all about the customer experience. However, because shopping online doesn’t give users the option to interact with other people, you need to be sure that your website is pleasing to the eye, easy to use, and offers your users what they want. 1Digital Shopify Plus designers do just that.

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Top Shopify Plus Designer


Our expert developers know the Shopify Plus platform inside and out. With UX in mind, they can streamline all aspects of your website to make it enjoyable for everyone visiting your site to find what they need quickly and easily and lead them to a successful checkout.

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Shopify Plus Developer


With thousands of eCommerce websites vying for the same traffic and audience, you need to be sure you have an aggressive digital marketing campaign in place to keep a foothold in your industry. Read our case studies to see how 1Digital agency can help.

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Top Shopify Plus Partner


At 1Digital Agency, our work is very transparent. Along with leading you through the process for each project, we continue to be available for support long after completion. Your workspace in our project management system is always accessible and we’re always just one click or one phone call away for whatever might come your way.

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Whether you need help with design and development, marketing, or all three, 1Digital Agency has the hands-on experience and Shopify Plans insight that will be beneficial to your business and turn it into a industry leading success.

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