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If your Shopify Plus eCommerce store is in need of a Shopify Plus designer, contact 1Digital Agency today. With experience designing hundreds of Shopify stores, we have the expertise you need for a flawless design, seamless development, and exceptional digital marketing strategy and execution to make your online store stand out. Whether you need to upgrade to Shopify Plus, optimize your site for UX, or need a full custom redesign, our Shopify experts can help. As a full-service digital agency, we’re here to help you succeed in all aspects of eCommerce so that your company can become a reliable source in your industry.

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There are three things that are important for any eCommerce store: marketing, design, and development. All are important aspects that, when combined, can improve the authority, rankings, and UX of your site. Shopify Plus is a fully-hosted eCommerce enterprise platform that is trusted by thousands of online merchants. If you are one of those merchants, chances are you have a high volume of customers heading to your website every day and are looking to expand that number. What is the one thing that keeps users on your website? User experience. If your website has a bad UX design and development, the new users that enter your site will end up bouncing. What you need is a Shopify Plus design agency that can assist in your design and development so that you can give your consumers a UX and UI that will keep them clicking.

1Digital Agency is an elite Shopify Plus partner with hundreds of Shopify Plus developers and designers on hand to give our clients the best web design services possible. Our Shopify design experts know what keeps users clicking, can look at your current website, soak in your vision, and give you a web design that matches and exceeds that vision. Pairing a great user experience with a user interface design that matches, they can transform your website to not only hold the attention of those currently visiting your site, but also bring in new users to expand your consumer base.

A Shopify Plus Design Agency

When you choose a design agency, you want to choose an agency that knows everything there is to know about your eCommerce platform so that they can meet your needs and incorporate them seamlessly into your site.

Why Choose Us as Your Shopify Plus Designer?

1Digital Agency has been working with Shopify since we opened our doors in 2012. We are in constant, daily communication with the Shopify team and stay up to date with the latest platform changes and design trends. As preferred Shopify Plus partners we have the experience and the know-how to take your vision for your eCommerce business and turn it into a fluid and flawless launch and beyond.

Whether you need a full custom design for your website, a home page redesign, or something else, our designers and developers will work together to create a website that is engaging and easy to use with a design that incorporates all the aspects of your business. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we can do for you and your business.

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Shopify Plus Custom Design

A custom website design by Shopify experts can play into the nuances of the Shopify Plus platform to create a seamless and personalized look for your online store. By hiring 1Digital Agency, you’re hiring an agency that will work with you and your Shopify team to deliver an exceptional and award-winning website design.

Shopify Plus Branding & Logo Design

Every well-known business has an easily identifiable brand and logo design that sets them apart from their competitors. Let the Shopify design experts at 1Digital Agency work with you to define your brand and create a logo that is consistent with your company’s mission and values.

Shopify Plus Responsive Design

In this day and age, shopping on the go has become the norm. Because of this, responsive design is an incredibly important feature that all websites need to be taking advantage of. Let 1Digital Agency improve the experience of your website across all devices to keep your consumers engaged wherever they go.

Shopify Plus UX Design

Without a great UX design, you risk losing potential customers and increasing bounce rates. By improving usability and simplicity of design, 1Digital Agency can keep your users interested and converting for a positive end-user interaction between your customers and your company.

Shopify Plus UI Designer

UX and UI are two functions that work simultaneously with one another. Once a good UX design has been developed and put in place, 1Digital® designers work to improve the user interface with breadcrumbs, landing pages, high-quality images, headers, easy checkout pages and more.

Expert Shopify Plus Design Agency

In order to get the best results for your business, you want an agency that can handle everything being thrown at them. As a full-service digital agency with a focus on eCommerce, 1Digital Agency is a preferred Shopify Plus partner for a reason. Find out why by reading our case studies and reaching out to us with your needs.

Shopify Design Services

  • Website Updates and Enhancements

  • eCommerce Brand Appraisal

  • eCommerce Web and Graphic Design

  • eCommerce Website Redesign

  • Mobile / Responsive Design

  • eNewletter Design

  • Social Media Graphics Design

  • Packaging & Product Branding

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