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Shopify Flow Makes Task Management Simple

Without a doubt, if you run a business, you’ve struggled with time management. One of the worst aspects of keeping a business afloat is having to handle tedious, time-consuming, repetitive tasks that prevent you from focusing on growth. Sometimes, it even takes an expensive trip to an experienced developer, or a few hours of manual effort that you don’t have, just to keep workflow running. What you need, and what really any functioning business needs, is an integrated automation tool that will carry out pesky tasks with speed and agility so that you can focus on expansion. Sounds like wishful thinking, right? Wrong. Shopify Flow is that tool, and it’s going to make running your business a lot smoother of a process.


What is Shopify Flow?

If you have Shopify Plus, you can benefit from this brand new platform. Shopify Flow is an eCommerce automation platform that makes automating tasks a breeze and allows you to focus on more important things, like customer satisfaction and market growth. With this new product, you can increase your operational efficiency as well as the free time that you need to dive into new business ventures. When you bring Flow to your business, you have the time to focus on what matters: Growing bigger, better, and faster.


What Makes Shopify Flow Exceptional?

With the help of Shopify Flow, you can simplify tasks by reducing the steps and resources needed to complete business processes. Not only this but by proxy, you drive efficiency within your workplace by automating repetitive tasks to make them far faster. This leaves time for new concepts, campaigns, ideas, etc to come to fruition. This gives you time to thrive.


You’re probably asking, “Okay, but what does this product actually offer?” Well, quite a lot. For example, instead of reordering from a vendor literally every time that your product runs out of stock (quite the hassle, no?), Shopify Flow can automatically reorder the product and hide it from your online store. You’ll never have to spend time worrying about a lack of productivity again: Flow even notifies your marketing team to pause any active ad campaign for a product that’s low inventory. That’s called efficiency at its finest. Also, Flow will automatically add new tags to your products based on their title alone. Ingenious? Yes.


So, what else can Flow do? Well, for one, you can send an email or Slack notification to your customer service team to review any high-risk orders before capturing payment. If a risk is medium to low? Flow will automatically capture that for you. It can even let your localized corporate sales rep know when a wholesale order is fulfilled in their region and prompt them to initiate an onboarding call.


Shopify Flow also increases your functionality in dealing with customers. You can easily implement loyalty and retention initiatives by segmenting customers with customer tags based on their lifetime spend. You can also track customers that converted from a specific campaign with those same customer tags. Also, be sure to reward your best customers; notify your customer service team when any high-value order is created so you can send a personal thank you gift (Flow does this for you!). You can also track any customers who have refunded items that are over $100 in any order by adding customer tags. Flow makes dealing with customers an entirely different experience and leaves your hands free for bigger tasks.

Shopify is a Trusted Brand

Need any more reasons to look into Shopify Flow? Well, just take a look at Shopify as a whole. Shopify Plus has entirely changed the game for plenty of high volume businesses and created some stellar websites that absolutely reel in sales. When Shopify comes out with a product that allows a business to streamline functionality in order to focus on growth, they have a history of success to prove that product’s worth. That’s why, if you’re interested in Shopify Flow, you could benefit from taking a look at Shopify Plus.


1Digital is Here For Your Shopify Needs

Here at 1Digital, we’ve been partnered with Shopify since our inception. That’s why, when you want to switch to Shopify or upgrade to Shopify Plus, we’re the right people to come to. We can help you through the entire process, and our developers can make sure that you get everything that you want out of your Shopify or Shopify Plus site. We live and breathe eCommerce, and we want your business to thrive. Contact us today, and let’s work together to make your Shopify experience the best it can be.


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