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As a full-service digital agency, we’ve managed hundreds of projects spanning a wide range of industries. Whether it’s a platform migration, custom SEO project, website redesign or advanced development and customization, 1Digital® Agency employs expert Shopify developers to tackle the requirements of a successful development project.

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Shopify Development Services You Can Trust

Software-as-a-Service platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce often give their users the impression that their platforms “do it all.” While they offer some serviceable templated solutions, getting truly custom-like functionality out of them requires the help of a seasoned developer. Hiring an experienced Shopify development agency like 1Digital Agency can give your online store a competitive edge, leveraging our skills for custom Shopify theme development, custom app development, complex API integrations, solving technical SEO issues, and much more.

Our Shopify developers specialize in managing and fine-tuning the minute aspects of the Shopify platform.

We exercise uncommon talent to develop custom apps, write unique scripts, address bugs, and perform complex integrations, including API and third-party applications integrations. The partnership of a carefully-selected team of Shopify developers, like 1Digital® Agency’s, can make the difference between an eCommerce website that is a headache to run, and one that has been meticulously developed to offer a pleasant, enjoyable online shopping experience.

Shopify Development Experts That Transform UX

Under that section, add: Standing out from the competition means being different. To a Shopify development company like 1Digital Agency, Shopify is like a raw medium to an artist. We can code custom themes, create unique apps, make your Shopify website more mobile-friendly, integrate new payment gateways, troubleshoot code errors, increase site speed and so much more.

You know what makes your brand successful. Our consultative, flexible Shopify development services will translate that competitive advantage into a custom-designed, uniquely functional Shopify storefront that offers an experience your customers won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Shopify Developers That Serve Up Solutions

If you’ve ever experienced resistance from a developer that shied away from the complexity of a deliverable, or was uncertain of their ability to create a proprietary, custom tool, then you’ve simply never worked with 1Digital® Agency. There’s no doubt that developing responsive designs and custom apps can be daunting and resource intensive, but our team has developed items like these and more for our Shopify clients, much to their satisfaction.

We have many years of experience as a dedicated Shopify development agency, creating the solutions that have presented roadblocks to other developers.

Whatever functionality or solution you’d like to see for your online store, we’re the Shopify website development team that can create and deliver it to you.

Why Choose Us as Your Shopify Development Agency?

There’s one very specific reason that you should choose 1Digital® Agency as your strategic partner for Shopify development, and it’s about experience. We’ve specialized in Shopify development since 2012, and have been refining our expertise ever since then.

We are a premier digital marketing agency that has devoted significant resources over the years to acquire platform-specific familiarity so that we can meet the needs of various clients in a large range of industries. While our clients’ specific needs themselves vary, the platform does not. That has enabled our developers to deliver solutions that are both unique and creative for all of our clients on Shopify.

We are also meticulous in our processes, allocating a specific workspace to each development project that includes a sandbox wherein we perform all of our development work and testing. This protects live sites from the complications of ongoing development and ensures that the deliverables are functional before they go live.

Once we complete the development phase, we conduct extensive quality assurance testing before migrating the changes to our clients’ live websites – after which point we provide a period of free support so that our clients can submit requests for further adjustments.

1Digital® Agency is validated by the results of our Shopify website development projects. Visit our Client Portfolio to see real examples of the work our Shopify development company has performed for past clients and get an impression of what we can offer your eCommerce website. Contact one of our Shopify development experts at 888-982-8269 to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach your online business goals.

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Custom Development

You want your website to stand out. You want it to entice users to keep clicking and convert into repeat customers. From inviting category pages to product page customizations that allow for personalization and checkout cart pages that encourage users to complete a purchase, 1Digital® Agency is the agency you need for a fully custom developed website that converts.

Responsive Development

Responsive development is a necessity for any online business that wants users to visit their site. If your website is not responsive, it will not only deter people from visiting your site, but it will also tell Google that your website isn’t optimized to cater to your audience, which will result in fallen rankings.

Mobile App Development

Make your eCommerce store easier to shop by giving your customers what they want: simplicity and ease of use. At 1Digital® Agency, our mobile app development team can create an app, for Apple, Android, or both, that will allow your customers to easily shop your site without having to use a web browser.

Shopify API Integration

Shopify offers merchants a larger number of prebuilt APIs compared to regular Shopify stores. If there isn’t a prebuilt connection, 1Digital® has the Shopify expert developers that can build API connections seamlessly into your store so that you can focus on the business of selling rather than collecting and saving data.

Conversion Rate Optimization

For a higher conversion rate, you need to be sure your website caters full circle to your audience. Through design, development, and marketing, 1Digital® will ensure your site delivers the best performance with the best appearance and continues to draw in new and repeat users.

Shopify Development Agency

If you want a team that can deliver the best results all while working in conjunction with you and your Shopify team, then you want 1Digital® Agency. As preferred Shopify partners, we have the connections, the experience, and the know-how to bring an eCommerce site from almost there to flawless perfection.

Shopify Development Services

  • Website Updates

  • Third Party App & Plugin Integration

  • Responsive Development

  • Website Bugs

  • Custom Coding & Scripts

  • Custom Apps & Tools

  • API Development & Integrations

  • Strategic Consulting

Shopify eCommerce Services