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How A Shopify Blog Can Drive Traffic And Higher Visibility

How A Shopify Blog Will Provide You With Visibility And Customer Conversions

As an eCommerce business owner, making use of a blog to drive traffic to your website is essential. And as a Shopify merchant, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits that a Shopify blog can give you. By creating interesting and creative content that will be interesting and popular to read for visitors can make your website rank higher to be more visible in search engine results. This means that you will get higher visibility and more customers with higher rates of conversions.

A search engine requires on content in order to prioritize rankings, and so websites with a lot of information for their users will be ranked higher than others. This is where a Shopify blog comes into play; blogs are an easy and creative way to increase the amount of information given to the search engines. It also gives you credibility because it can showcase to your customers that you have authority in your specific field and it also gives search engines the opportunity to help you reach your target audience. By utilizing keyword research and search engine optimization, your Shopify blog will become the engine behind driving search engine rankings.

The Basics of Shopify Blogs

The ease of Shopify setup comes to a point with the Shopify blog. Rather than creating a complicated system of integration, in which the merchant has to integrate an outside domain’s blog and have it attached to your site. Shopify stores come with an entire built-in blogging engine. That way you can have a blog set up on your site, which provides you with an incredible level of convenience because rather than having two separate places in which to work on your website and then your blog. You can control both from the same Shopify dashboard!

However, despite the ease of the Shopify blog, Shopify also understands that plenty of business owners may have established outside blogs on third-party platforms likes WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr. It is possible to link to an external blog with your Shopify platform to ensure that you continue with your pre-existing visitor and customer base.  

Shopify Blog Set Up

The default blog on a Shopify setup is called “News” with the option to create a blog with your own custom name. To add a new blog on your Shopify desktop dashboard click Online Store > Blog posts. Click Manage Blogs > Add Blogs, then give your blog a title and determine how you want to manage comments, then click Save Blog.

You can change the name of your blog by going to its details in Shopify and editing them. Go to your Shopify Admin, click Online Store > Blog Posts > Manage Blogs. Click on the name of the blog to edit, and then on the Edit Blog Page, change the name of your blog in the Title field, then choose Save.

You can also work on search engine optimization for your blog listing’s through the admin dashboard. You can do this by editing the text that shows up in the search engine results for your blog. All you have to do is go to your Shopify Admin click Online Store > Blog Posts > Manage Blogs, then click on the blog that you want to edit. Go to the Search Engine Listing Preview section, then click on Edit Website SEO.  From there, click on the Page Title field and enter a descriptive title, then enter a description for the search engine listings.

Shopify Blog Integration With External Blogs

If you have an outside blog that you want to integrate with your Shopify Blog, it is possible to add a link into the store navigation to link to a blog on a third-party platform. Click on Online Store > Navigation, then click where in the menu you want to place the link, and then click Add Menu Item, and enter the link name, select Web Address in the drop down menu, and paste a link, then click Save Menu.

1 Digital Agency: The Shopify Experts

With a Shopify a blog, you can help your website and business develop a wider customer base that is dedicated to your products. By creating informational and authoritative content, it will make it more likely for your visitors to subscribe to your email and RSS feed, or follow your variety of social media accounts. All of this makes customers much more likely to keep coming back to your brand and your products because they have built a relationship with you and your business.

Despite all the benefits of creating a Shopify blog, it can become a complicated process for the eCommerce business owner and will often require professional assistance to help with troubleshooting. It can also be difficult for a small eCommerce business owner or team to stay on top of maintaining a blog. It takes time and dedication to maintain content creation for blog posts that are up-to-date and interesting. And you should also take into account the matter of SEO; without proper keyword research and analysis for SEO, the content you have created for your website traffic might not be as helpful as you hoped. That’s where 1 Digital Agency comes in.

At 1 Digital Agency, we are a full-service eCommerce agency that is dedicated to providing you with the best service around. We are rated as experts in Shopify and Shopify Plus and we know how to get the best out of the platform. Our team can handle anything from setting up your Shopify blog to content creation for your blog, to helping you figure out SEO for your Shopify website. Contact us to find out more today!