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Shopify Apps: Which Apps Should You Be Using

When building an online store with Shopify, the basic features can be more than enough to get the store up and running. But after some time, you may be looking to enhance your store with additional features and apps that can draw in more customers.

The Shopify App Store has you covered, providing hundreds of apps that can be added to your store. These apps do cost money, but can be a great enhancement to your store that can help seal the deal in selling to new customers.

So, what apps should you be looking for? Here are five apps that are very popular and highly recommended.

Yotpo Reviews – Reviews are a critical part of the buying process for many potential customers. Just one positive review represents a 10 percent increase in sales. With this in mind, having reviews on your store and giving customers a way to leave a review can make an impact on future sales. With the Yotpo Reviews app, you can request reviews and have them displayed on your store. With the app, you have complete control over the reviews. Yotpo does have a free plan, but there are also additional features for purchase that can be used to upgrade.

Edit Order by Cleverific – Sometimes a customer will submit an order that has an error of some sort. Maybe the wrong shipping address is listed or a wrong size was ordered. With the Edit Order app by Cleverific, merchants can make adjustments to the order at the customer’s request as long as the order has not already shipped. The app does cost $19 per month, but when you consider the money you and your customers could save in shipping and returns costs, it’s a great value that proves worth it.

Wiser Product Recommendations – eCommerce stores that recommend products to their customers sell more. It sounds simple, but having product recommendations leads to more sales. To get product recommendations on your store, use the Wiser Product Recommendations app. There are a number of options on this app. You can have this show featured products, best sellers, the most recently viewed items by the customer, similar items to what the customer is viewing or new arrivals. The best part is that the app is free.

WishList Plus – Users are typically on eCommerce websites to find something they want to purchase. Sometimes, a potential customer will go to a store, find the product, but not be ready to purchase at that time for various reasons. With the WishList Plus app, customers are able to save these items by adding them to their wishlist. There are benefits to both sides. For customers, they don’t need to login to add items to their wishlist. For merchants, the app is free and can provide added insight on what items are drawing interest of customers.

Product Compare – Comparing products isn’t a necessity for every business, depending on products. But for stores where products are often compared, like electronics or apparel, the Product Compare app is a great addition. This app can help create side-by-side comparisons for similar models of specific products that can showcase extra features. The app costs $5 per month.

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