For SEO, content is king


If you want your website to have strong SEO, then you will want to pay attention to your content. This is the part of your website that has the most value to a customer. Sure, you can have tons of cool pictures of your awesome products, but if there is no content to go along with them, search engine crawlers will skip right past you.

Content is just about anything with text that relates to your website and your chosen SEO keywords. This includes but is not limited to blog articles, product descriptions, news and announcements, and press releases.

Remember our blog post about backlinks? Search engines look to see which websites have backlinks to yours. If the content from the linking website has content that is relevant to yours, then a quality backlink is established. Without content, nobody could (or would) create a backlink to your website because there would be nothing worth linking to!

When writing your content, you will want to be sure that you are including your targeted SEO keywords. Depending on your website’s platform, there are different plugins available to help you focus your SEO content. Fortunately, many of the most popular ecommerce platforms come equipped with some great built-in solutions for SEO to help you get your website indexed by search engines.

The content you place on your website should be relevant to your business or website. Writing just any old thing will not help your SEO campaign. In fact, it may even cause some setbacks. With your copy, you will also want to include photos, videos, infographics and other kinds of visual content. Even if your readers don’t read all of the text, they can at least get a sense of what you’re trying to convey through imagery and visual cues.

Once you’ve created some content for your blog or webpage, it is always a great idea to share it via social media. This helps increase the visibility of your content as well as inspires other people to share it with their social networks. As long as you consistently post and share relevant content, you can create a solid foundation for content marketing your website.

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