How SEO Can Help The Automotibile Industry

SEO Marketing in the Automobile Industry

So, you own an Auto Shop or even a Car Dealership, and you’ve found that your industry is filled with difficulties that you did not expect. Your customer base is dwindling, or simply hasn’t expanded to a comfortable size. If you’re concerned about your success within the Automobile Industry, maybe it’s time that you look into online marketing. It’s no secret that people have turned to the internet, more and more, for their information and purchases. In fact, studies have shown that the average person spends about twelve hours of online research before purchasing a car. What does this mean? The answer is simple: In order to create growth in your customer base, you need to create internet visibility and engage customers online. The best way to do that? Search Engine Optimization.

What Is SEO Marketing?

With Search Engine Optimization, you can boost the visibility of your business and improve your rankings on search engines. SEO works to raise your ranking within organic search results. These results differ from pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, in that you don’t pay to have them there. You can pay for an SEO campaign to improve them, but they are natural search results that are based on the content that your site contains as well as traffic flow. PPC is based on you paying to be advertised. This means that organic search results will, in the end, outlast PPC because PPC dies off the moment payment ceases.  


An SEO campaign builds content using key phrases that will improve your organic search results. The more offsite and onsite content that is created, the more visibility and traffic your site will get. Typically, a campaign will begin with less popular search terms in order to build a foundation, and then move on to the popular search terms to solidify success. This is a slower process than PPC but will end with results that last much longer. If your site is entirely new, it may benefit you to work on PPC as well as SEO.

How SEO Can Help The Automotibile Industry

Why Should You Use SEO For Your Online Auto Store?

SEO is important for any business, and your store is no different. Whether you sell auto parts or you own a dealership, you need to be up to date with the online market. The fact of the matter is, most people are researching products online, especially cars. Any given person will conduct extensive research on their purchase; buying a car is no joke. That’s why you want your site to be absolutely up-to-date and user-friendly. When people search for their goods on the internet, they want an easy and helpful experience. That’s what you need to aim for. And that doesn’t just mean designing your site for a laptop, anymore; you’ll need to have a mobile site as well. People often research on the go and even purchase through their phones. The first step to succeeding in online marketing is to optimize your online presence in every way possible.


There’s no purpose for your site if nobody ever gets to see it. That’s the bottom line. When people search for a product, they tend to go for the first page of search results. If your site is not on this first page, it’s likely that you will be lacking visitors. With an aggressive SEO campaign, you can be certain that your site will be visible and attract potential customers. You aren’t the only auto store out there, and you certainly aren’t the only one looking into SEO or PPC, for that matter. That means that you need to take your campaign seriously and run it successfully in order to beat the competition.

How SEO Can Help The Automotibile Industry

How 1Digital Agency Can Boost Your SEO

What you need for your SEO campaign is some expertise. 1Digital Agency offers a team of experts with an extensive history of success with a wide variety of industries. Our SEO campaigns are run with individualized care to ensure that your business gets to where you’d like it to be. We know that, with our help, your business can achieve the SEO goals that it needs in order to thrive.


1Digital Agency creates quality content that will improve your customer base and make sure that if someone searches “auto shop” or “dealership” in your area, your store will be on their radar. We create the page authority necessary for you to skyrocket in the ranks and become visible to all potential clients. We can also design an optimized site that will engage and enthuse your customers, as well as any newcomers. SEO may seem like a slow process, but if you look into our history, you’ll see that it’s a worthwhile investment that can give your business the jumpstart it needs to stay ahead in the Automobile Industry. Contact us today, and let’s see what kind of campaign will work for you.

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