How SEO Can Boost Your Wedding Business

How Can You Gain Visibility In The Wedding Industry?

If you work in the wedding industry, you understand that exposure and visibility are two of your biggest friends. That’s why, no matter what career path you’ve chosen, whether it be an organizer or a photographer, you need to utilize whatever methods you can to make sure people are aware of your service. So how can you reach potential customers? Well, think about what advertising is actually effective in today’s world. Obviously, taking an ad out in the paper isn’t going to cut it. The truth is, the majority of advertising that people witness is through the internet. That’s where you need to start.


How Can You Utilize The Internet For Visibility?

The first step to online success is a high functioning website. You may provide a fantastic service, but there’s no way for the customer to know that if your appearance is off. It’s best to keep your site as modern as possible and to make sure that it’s easily navigable. A professional looking site can be the difference between landing a job or not. Make sure that you maintain your website as often as possible.


A key part of making your website shine is paying attention to mobile access. More and more people are beginning to shop on the go, and that means that people are purchasing products using more than just laptops. If you make sure that your site is mobile friendly, you can snag that busy client who’s looking up services for their wedding on the go. It’s important to cater to your customers from all angles.

One thing that you may not have considered is the strong influence of reviews on any online shopper. What does this mean for you? Well, if you want to wow your potential clients before they even contact you, you’ll want to have some positive reviews set up. That means that you should be asking your previous clients, specifically the ones that were happiest with your service, to write a review for your business online. And what about negative reviews? Believe it or not, but a negative review can be just as beneficial as a positive! When you receive a negative review, write a thoughtful and constructive response addressing the concerns of the reviewer, and offer help or a solution. This shows potential customers that you’re willing to go above and beyond to improve.


Having a spiffy site and a great track record can do wonders, but it doesn’t cover the single most important aspect of online marketing. Think about it, how do online shoppers find all of their information? Well, how do you find any information in today’s society? You look it up on the internet! With the invention of search engines, any information is in arm’s reach. So, when an online shopper searches for wedding services, you want to be right on the top of those search results. Most people will be choosing their products right from that first page, and if your site is buried deep within those results, it won’t matter how great it looks. If you want to improve your ranking on these search results, you’ll want to invest in an SEO campaign.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process that raises your ranking in organic search results. Organic search results are the results that appear underneath ads on search engines. With a campaign, extra content is written for your site involving keywords and phrases that utilize the algorithms in a search engine to boost your ratings. Although you can utilize PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and purchase one of the ad results that are above organic, organic results are far more trusted by customers.

But why bother choosing SEO if PPC puts you on the top of the results? Well, even aside from organic search results being trusted more, they last longer. With PPC, your ad only stays up as long as you’re willing to pay for it. Although an SEO campaign is a slow process, your site will stay in a higher ranking for a much longer time. In the end, it might be worth it to invest in both, PPC for an initial boost, and SEO for a lasting effect.


How 1Digital Can Help

1Digital has been handcrafting SEO campaigns since our founding in 2012. We have experience in dealing with a wide variety of industries, and the Wedding Industry is no exception. Our writers are well-trained and only write high-quality content that will entertain and inform your potential customers. With our key phrase strategies, you can climb to the coveted first page of search results in no time! If you think that your wedding business could benefit from an SEO campaign or even site design, contact us today!

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