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Let’s do an experiment: if you’re viewing this website on a desktop browser, try making your browser window smaller. The images and content column shrink, then the sidebar disappears altogether. Everything changes and alignments adjust and behavior adapts. That’s responsive design. When your website is responsive, your customers can access it in any screen size, on any device, without sacrificing quality of experience.

eCommerce responsive website design is something we’ve perfected at 1Digital®. We make sure that every page of your eCommerce web store meets and exceeds proper responsive development standards, so your customer has a fluid experience no matter the device.

Why Responsive?

Today’s online shoppers are more likely to use their mobile phones and tablets for leisure and shopping, and their desktops for work. eCommerce merchants who aren’t mobile friendly don’t stand a chance in the current climate.

Once retailers understand what responsive design is, they know that they need it. Making your current web store responsive has a plethora of advantages over designing a separate mobile site. Not only will responsive design save you money, but it will help your domain’s search engine ranking immensely.

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eCommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce is a hard-fought battle. Everybody in your industry is competing for just 10 spots on Google’s first page. In order to be one of those people, you need to be smarter, quicker, and work harder than everybody else. 1Digital® is the marketing partner that can help you get there. We employ intelligent SEO strategies that grow organic ranking, traffic and conversion. We have highly skilled eCommerce SEO experts that focus on eCommerce merchants and we’re widely recognized as one of the best eCommerce SEO companies online.

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1Digital®eCommerce Services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing on BigCommerce is an essential part of the eCommerce equation. Our Digital marketing experts can help you BigCommerce store rank with the biggest and best in the industry.

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our BigCommerce custom designs will stun new visitors. We’ll design your new template & theme on the new BigCommerce Stencil framework.

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Our Developers have been working on BigCommerce websites ever since the platform was created. No other eCommerce digital agency knows BigCommerce more thoroughly.

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Our BigCommerce developers are experts at template and theme customization. From small functional projects to complex integrations or customizations, we’re your team!

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