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The Reason Larger Companies Choose a Professional Team Over Amateur Marketers

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Choose a Professional Over Amateur Marketers and Get Professional Results

Getting Serious About ECommerce Marketing

Many larger companies entering eCommerce have made the dangerous mistake of choosing small-time marketers to handle their online marketing.  While large firms are used to having full-time marketing teams to handle their traditional marketing needs, not all know how to manage online marketing properly.  However, there are incredible benefits that should inform a company’s decision to choose a professional team over amateur marketers, even if amateurs advertise seemingly irresistible rates.  Choosing specialized professionals is a big decision, but the payoff is more than many companies might realize up front.  With eCommerce still being a frontier of growth and experimentation, having an experienced crew on deck can make leagues of difference.

Solid Reasons to Choose a Professional Team Over Amateur Marketers

1. Teams Have Flexibility

The first reason to choose a professional team over amateur marketers is the same reason companies have full sales divisions: individuals specialize in different things.  Working with a professional team means having access to that team’s individual specialists.  One professional might specialize in online ad placement, another in design.  With multiple specialists working together, the result is high-quality marketing content that actually wins you attention.  On the internet of the modern day, full to the brim with ads and influencers vying for customer attention, you have to stand out to succeed, and you need the best in order to stand out.

2. Teams Can Focus and Don’t Burn Out

While smaller companies can sometimes rely on a single amateur marketer, no individual can handle the entire workload of enterprise-level marketing.  This fact is another reason to choose a professional team over amateur marketers who are likely to bite off more than they can chew if working alone.  Teams have managers, multiple members, backups, and redundancy so that work gets done right, done on time, and fixed in the case of error.

Burnout is a serious issue that any major company is aware of; humans have limits, both physical and mental.  An individual trying to manage all of the marketing of a large eCommerce company or a company making a large-scale move into eCommerce is going to have limitations that are likely to hinder the growth and success of your company.  While some things can be dynamically scaled, specialized talent is not one of those things.  You need to have talent in place for the impact you want to have online.  Individuals or small teams of amateur marketers simply will not be able to handle the rapid growth a large company can swing.

3. Teams Have Cumulative Experience


Much like how marketing teams can bring each member’s specialization to the table, they can also bring cumulative experience.  Professional marketing companies spent considerable time, money, and effort on assembling the best team they can, meaning you inherit the value of their talent search when you choose a professional team over amateur marketers.  Consider how valuable it would be to have the input of a marketer who was doing work on the early web and an expert of the rising trends online simultaneously.  In all likelihood, that sort of combination would make your marketing return on investment skyrocket.

Companies who specialize in online marketing recognize the value of varied experience and come prepared to offer you a diversity of inputs and ideas which will inevitably enrich your online presence.  While you might occasionally strike gold with a single-member marketing operation, it can really be a shot in the dark, especially since there is a lack of the passive benefits of cooperation such as accountability.

4. Professionals Understand Branding

Online, branding is beyond important.  The success of major companies like Coca-Cola in the offline world are great examples of how branding functions on the street, but the success of companies like Dollar Shave Club are the champions of web branding.  Establishing your brand and your brand presence on the web is much different than offline marketing, requiring expertise that teams experienced with the web undeniably have.  Think about how different it is to go into a store, see a can of Coca-Cola, and buy it versus purchasing a product online and then receiving that product by mail.  A professional web marketing team can ensure that your website and products don’t become faceless by building a seamless presence for your company’s imagery, slogans, and personality.

Online marketing requires being active on multiple channels, taking advantage of viral media, and being in the same place customers are, a feat that is much more achievable when working with a team of specialists who have made it happen before.

5. Career Marketers Have the Necessary Tools

Choose a Professional Team Over Amateur Marketers To Have Access to the Latest and Greatest

One of the most important parts of handling online marketing is knowing what tools to use in every circumstance.  Possibly more important, though, is having access to those tools at all.  Marketing teams have devoted themselves to a field and, as a result, are able to invest in ownership of the tools that build companies’ online presences.  For many projects, free trials and basic versions of services like Canva simply won’t cut it.  When working with a team of professionals, you have no worries about your project being done incorrectly as a result of lack of tools.

Marketing teams know what tools they need, and they invest in the access to those tools.  However, this goes beyond just software and online services.  Marketing teams are also able to provide their members with the hardware and space they need to get the job done right.

With video, audio, and photography being staples of online branding, it’s important to ensure you are working with marketers who can actually produce and edit the content you need for your site.  While creating video content, for example, might look simple from the outside, in truth it requires know-how of not only capturing the video but also editing it, compressing it, uploading it, and then distributing it.  Each step of that process can be a specialization in its own right, and having a team to help you with any of those steps is going to give you an undeniable advantage.

If you’re ready to step into the major leagues of marketing, make sure you choose a team that can handle your needs.  1Digital Agency of Philadelphia is ready and waiting to make eCommerce happen for you.  We have a solid history of helping companies thrive online, and our skill is unmatched.  Work with us, and see just how far your company can go.